Career is always a matter of concern for almost every individual. No matter what financial background you belong to, you should always be concerned about your career. In today’s time, people think that getting a government job is equal to winning a jackpot with its amazing perks. However, they also believe that getting one is quite a daunting task with the increasing competition. It is true that competition is tough. But, it is never right to say that finding a job despite doing hard work is least likely to be possible.

The reality is totally different and there is great news for the career-conscious people. The news is the shortage of nearly 1,500 IAS officers in the country. The Lok Sabha was informed about the shortage of IAS officers in the country on Wednesday.

Officers in position as on January 1, 2019, was 5,205, against the total authorized strength of 6,699, Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh said in a written reply.

In order to address the shortage of Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officers in the regular recruitment quota, the government has increased the annual intake from 55 in civil services examination (CSE) 1998 to 180 in CSE 2013, he said.

In the promotion quota, prompt actions have been taken for holding selection committee meetings for appointment by promotion or selection of state service officers to IAS, Singh Said.

Now, Get Ready to Make Your Career Move

Career-related stress sometimes seems unbeatable. However, the solution to the problem is always there. Believe it or not, if there is a problem, the solution is also there. Fortunately, there is great news for those people, who are on the hunt for better jobs in government sectors.

The shortage of IAS officers may be a problem for the country or its government. But, it is indeed great news for those, who are working hard to get a great government job. The competition is still tough. Perhaps, the increase in the annual intake from 55 in civil services examination (CSE in 1998) to 180 is indeed a great opportunity in front of students, working hard to get an IAS officer job in India.

In fact, the government will also look in the matter of promotion, which is indeed great news for the job seekers as well as for those, who are already working in the government sectors. Finding a job is not always about hard work but also about luck.

Fortunately, the luck has knocked at your door in the veil of shortfall of IAS officers in India. You will indeed get some sort of relief once the annual intake increases. Moreover, the promotion quota and many other perks will definitely fuel up your confidence.

Indian government works hard to make the political system strong in the country. Now, you can take advantage of this shortage and open up the new avenues for your career without any doubt. Now, leave your worries aside and work hard to crack the IAS exam to contribute your best in Indian Political System.

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