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3 Popular Tablets for Students to Opt in Dubai

Tablets are a form of hand-held device that provides the same functionality as a computer, coupled with the convenience of mobility. They provide many unique features as well, such as stylus and a front and rear camera. The inevitable progression of technology lead to the invention of these devices and they are developing at a quicker pace than ever. As with every other sector, education sector is influenced by it as well.

Certainly, it provides the student with all the features. For example, note-taking apps and other software developed for the collaborative study. In this way education is accessible to everyone and students can work more efficiently. Students’ foremost problem in buying these devices is the price point. Fortunately, in this article three inexpensive options are listed for your ease:

1- Galaxy Tab A8

The most highly spoken of all these tablets is Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. It has wide range of features with make it everyone’s favorite. It has a 10.5-inch screen with a thin bezel, further maximizing the display. The sleek design of the tablet and the slim nature makes carrying it stress-free. To store your classroom notes and any other practice papers, you do so freely with the internal 64GB storage which is expandable to 1 TB. The blazing- fast operational speed is due to the 4GB RAM. High definition 1080p video quality makes video calls and online classes seamless.  Now get this amazing tablet through Noon coupon code.

2- Pad 5

If your main concern is the battery life, then have a look at this tablet. It supports a long-lasting 16-hour battery life which can satisfy all your study needs. Lighting fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 processor enable it to have a 120 Hz refresh rate which prevents hanging and provides smooth experience. Four speakers enable the device to produce good quality audio for listening to recorded lectures. Also, due to multi- window view it is easier to operate two apps simultaneously. Good visibility is available because of adaptive brightness. Undoubtedly, for AED 1180 this is a very good value for the money.

3- iPad Mini

For the premium experience Apple iPad Mini is the best supplier in the market. This device is made primarily keeping students in mind and has all the facilities that the student might need. With an enormous 256GB storage, it has enough capacity to last your whole study life. The Apple Pencil is one of the best stylus with shorter response time. Students who do design can easily draw and show their skills. Moreover, the lightweight design at just 300 grams can make it easier to carry. Apple store has a variety of applications that are helpful in many aspects of studying. To ensure better connectivity, it has the Cellular data capability as well to always stay connected to the internet.

4- Matepad 10.4-Inch

The most attractive feature it has in the 2K display resolution. It has an innovating technology which reduces eye strain when used for a long time. They have a mini leather keyboard as multi-tasking functionality to increase productivity and prevent time wastage.

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