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Friday, February 23, 2024
Home Health 4 Great Ways to Deal with Teeth Sensitivity

4 Great Ways to Deal with Teeth Sensitivity

Whether you’re having problems eating ice cream or that hot soup you love is hurting your teeth, sensitivity is a very common problem and it shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying the foods and drinks you love. 

There are plenty of reasons why your teeth could be sensitive. While you may need to visit an experienced dentist for a checkup in some cases, sometimes the solution can be simple and easily handled at home. Other than regular hygiene checkups at the dentist, you can try changing a few things in your everyday life that can help out with sensitivity. 

So, here are five great ways to deal with sensitive teeth.

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Use Toothpaste That Is Suitable for Sensitive Teeth

Many people normally look at ingredients in toothpaste that will make their breath fresher so they can start and end their day right. If you do too, there is nothing with it because freshness and after-taste of toothpaste are important. But, you should also look out for something else.

There are plenty of great kinds of toothpaste in the market that is specifically for sensitive teeth. You can ask your dentist for a recommendation based on your teeth in particular, or you can do a quick search online to find out the best toothpaste for sensitivity in your area and try them out.

Good Oral Hygiene Can Do Wonders

You may have seen many ads or heard your dentist tell you to brush twice a day, floss your teeth, and use mouthwash. While it may seem like too much, doing these things can be very helpful if done right. 

With brushing your teeth, you need to be careful and use a soft-bristled brush. The harder ones may seem like they are better because they are harsh, but they can wear out your enamel and cause cavities over time. The same thing goes for flossing and mouthwashes. The harsher ones can cause sensitivity and cavities over time.

Stay Away from Acidic Foods and Drinks

Other than harsh toothbrushes and mouthwashes, you should also try watching out for the acidic foods and beverages that you consume every day. 

Normally, you wouldn’t think that any of your foods or drinks can be acidic. But, in reality, some of your daily items can be acidic, such as sodas, alcoholic beverages, coffee, tomato sauce, and citrus fruits. However, you don’t need to cut them out of your routine. You can try simple things like using a straw to minimize direct contact with your teeth. Also, avoid brushing after acidic foods and drinks because that can make your sensitivity worse.

Sometimes There Is a Bigger Underlying Issue

While there are many things you can try to change in your everyday life to reduce your teeth sensitivity, sometimes there is an underlying issue that can’t be ignored. You can try to stick some figurative tape on it, but eventually, you will need to get it checked out before the problem gets worse.

The cause of your sensitivity may be a crack, chip, bad cavity, or several other issues. That’s why you should go in for a checkup to see if you need some restorative dentistry for your teeth. Your dentist can take care of your dental problems and sensitivity, and you won’t lose the natural appearance of your teeth.

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