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4 Reasons Why You Need a Family Dentist Toledo Residents Trust

Good dental hygiene helps protect your teeth and smile for years to come, but finding the right dentist may take a bit of a search. Needless to say, you’ll be relieved to finally find a family dentist Toledo, Ohio, residents trust to meet the dental needs of their family members. Besides, not all dental practices provide the same services, quality of care, reliability, and professionalism you expect.

Who is a Family Dentist in Toledo?

A family dentist, sometimes called a primary care dentist, is a dental professional who specializes in providing oral care to adults and children of all ages through adulthood. Some of the services readily available to protect and enhance your smile include:

Whenever the need arises for any of those services, you’ll realize the following four benefits of a trusted family dentist in Toledo.

Consistent Oral Care

Children and adults will receive routine and comprehensive dental care from the same dentist who knows their oral history. The knowledge helps them better understand and meet the needs of each patient. For example, your dentist can detect teeth or gum changes and provide preventative care to avoid problems such as cavities and gum disease. Your children will also feel at ease receiving oral treatments from a caring dentist they are familiar with.

Services Under One Roof

It can be frustrating when your dentist is unable to meet your oral care needs and have to refer you to another dentist. For example, having to seek gum disease treatment, a root canal, or implant restoration elsewhere. A family dental practice with a wide array of services at one location minimizes the need to look elsewhere for dental care.

Smiles Restoration

Sometimes, it requires tooth restoration treatments to help you maintain a healthy and confident smile. If ever the need arises for you to replace damaged, loose, or missing teeth, you can always turn to your family dentist Toledo relies on. Restoration procedures include root canal therapy to help prevent tooth loss, tooth replacement with bridges or dentures, or dental implant repair and crown replacement.

Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies can happen at any time and when they do you need a family dentist in Toledo who is available. They will have the tools, technology, and resources to satisfy your need for urgent care whether it is a knocked-out tooth, loose, broken, or chipped tooth, tooth pain, gum bleeding, oral abscess, or damaged implant.

Contact Light Touch Dental Care: Dentistry for the Whole Family

Your search for a family dentist Toledo vouches for can end at Light Touch Dental Care. Our trusted dentist, Dr. Natalie Nechvatal, provides a range of oral hygiene services at one location. Dr. Nechvatal will customize routine and specialty care treatments for the adults and children in your family. Call 419-866-4271 to schedule an appointment at our Toledo, Ohio, clinic.

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