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5 Effects of a Clogged Drain on Your Home

While it may not seem like it, a clogged drain is one of the worst things you can have in your house. 

For the sinks in the kitchen, you can install a garbage disposal system to keep them clear. However, the drains in the bathrooms and other parts of your house are still vulnerable to clogs. If they get clogged, it could lead to a lot of plumbing issues. 

If you want to know why you should call a blocked drains plumber service, check out the following effects of a clogged drain in your house. 

Unpleasant Odors

If even one of the drains around your house is clogged, water won’t be able to get through it. That means, there will be standing dirty water somewhere in your house. If it remains, the water can become smelly and the pungent stench can spread throughout your house. 

If the smell gets strong or comes from too many places, then you and other members of the house can experience nausea and headaches. 

Mildew and Mold Growth

You may know about mold and its harmful effects on your health and your home. If you don’t, mold is a substance that grows in places of excessive moisture. When a drain is clogged, the standing water serves as a good breeding place for mold and mildew to thrive. 

If your house has mold, it can cause long term health issues like asthma, respiratory illnesses, skin rashes, fatigue, and headaches, among other things. 

Not to mention, it is very hard to sell a house that has even a little bit of mold because educated buyers know how fast it can grow. 

Water Contamination

If the drains are left clogged for a long time, then it can contaminate your water supply. The waste buildup and the bacteria can get into your clean water, which can cause devastating effects. 

For instance, you might have to find another source of drinking water if your go-to is your tap because that water could be contaminated. 

Keep in mind, your house has more drains than just the kitchen and the bathrooms. For instance, many houses have drains in the basement and around the house as well. 

Structural Damage

If any of the drains in your house have been clogged up for a long time, it can cause water backflow that can damage the structure of your house. 

If the gutters on your roof are clogged, it can cause damage to the roof and maybe even the HVAC system if the water reaches it. Then, you will need to call heater repair and drain service. 

For the gutters in your basement and around the house, leaving them clogged can cause damage to the foundation of your house. 

That’s why it is important to take care of the clogs in your drains before they become expensive repairs. 

Pest Infestation

If structural damage and water contamination weren’t bad enough, dirty water buildup can also attract all kinds of pests to your house. 

When the water has been standing for a long time, it becomes dirty and has many particles floating around. That attracts roaches, flies, mosquitos, and rodents. Then, you might also have to call pest control other than drain cleaning.

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