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6 Things to Take Care of Before Moving into a New Home

When moving into a new home, there is a lot to consider and check besides unpacking. You should learn how things function and prioritize what project you want to tackle first.

It’s better to take care of many things around the home before you move in rather than thinking that you will do it later on. It reduces stress when you finally move in and you can settle down quickly.

Here is a list of things that you need to do before moving into a new home.

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Do a Final Check 

Make sure to do a complete walk-through of the new house when it is empty. It’s best to do a final check on things before you start moving in the furniture. Ensure that the previous owners made all the repairs that were agreed upon. Check if everything included in the sales is present in the home. 

Look out for homes for sale that have everything in working order like light fixtures, switches, doors, and windows. 

Child Proof Your Home if Needed

If you are moving into a home with a baby or little kids then you need to do some initial childproofing before you settle everything down. Here are some ways you can childproof the house. 

  • Set up gates for areas that are not secured. 
  • Cover up all the outlets.
  • Check all windows and make sure that they are securely closed.
  • Spread out boxes instead of stacking them up.
  • Install door knobs and cabinet locks in the bathroom. 

Plan Setting Everything Up

Before you move in, you need to figure out what’s going where. Make a plan especially for large and heavy items like furniture to avoid overcrowding a space. 

Think about how you want the room set up to look then take your furniture accordingly. Even though you can make changes later on, going with an idea and plan can make things easier. 

Check the Utilities 

Transfer and set up your utilities before you make the move. Just make sure that everything is working properly. 

A day before you move, verify that the gas, heater, cooling, water, and electricity are properly set up. Then you need to notify the local waste management to ensure that your new home is set up for garbage pickup. 

Check the Fuse Box and Water Valve

The fuse box and water valve are two things that you need to find immediately when you are looking for them. It’s better to identify their locations before so that you can access them when there is a power outage. 

If you can’t seem to find them, you can talk to the previous owner to figure out the location.  

Perform a Deep Clean 

You can deep clean the house before you move in so that you can move in all the belongings to a clean space. Make sure to clean ceiling fans, overhead lighting fixtures, and shelving.

If you have a fridge installed in the new home then start by sanitizing it and cleaning the shelves and drawers. Clean the bathrooms, and kitchen and mop the floors to move into a neat and sparkling home.

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