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7 Exercises That Will Make Teens Feel Fit!

I’m glad to be able to share with you a list of exercises that teens can use in their daily lives.

Recognizing that not everyone has access to a gym or high-end equipment, I created a list with exercises anyone can do without spending a lot of money.

Here’s a list of exercises that can help ultimate body transformation plan into an efficient machine.

  1. Push-ups

Although they may not be fancy, they provide a great exercise for building functional strength throughout the upper body. It is a good idea to do as many push-ups each day as you can. You will become more skilled and be able to do multiple sets per day. With each set, you will notice a more defined upper body and feel more fit.

This is a simple movement that you can do anywhere. Push the floor, and you’ll see the results.

  1. Bodyweight Squats

Spread your feet shoulder-width apart and SQUAT!

Your legs should be parallel to your floor at the bottom of the movement. Keep your back straight and your spine as straight as you can. To strengthen your core and leg muscles, the squat can be one of the most effective exercises.

You can make it more challenging by jumping at the top as you build up to hundreds of reps. Pull your legs in towards your stomach while you jump. This will improve your jumping speed and agility in any sport, or for general fitness.

  1. Pull-ups

You can find a pull-up bar or monkey bars in a park. It’s a simple motion, just lift yourself as high as you can. You can do as many repetitions of this movement as you like. This exercise is great to build strength in your back, arms and shoulders. Pull-ups are a compound exercise that gives your upper body the strength you want.

4.Leg Lifts

This exercise was introduced to me when I was playing little league soccer. My coach is still yelling… 6 inches… not 12… 6 inches. This movement is absolutely brutal!

Place your hands on your stomach and raise your legs 6 inches above the ground. To get past the pain, you will need to tap into your mind. Your feet should be together and your legs straight. This will help strengthen your core.

  1. Rope jumping

Jump ropes are good for beginners. Each session I aim for 1000 jumps. As you get stronger, add 100 reps every other week.

This exercise improves leg strength, speed for various sports, and helps to burn off all the greasy burgers and fries. You will feel empowered to conquer any obstacle as you move forward!

  1. Ab wheel

When I first saw an ab wheel, I was a personal trainer. As I was approaching the main area for my workout, I noticed a man on the ground rolling an ab wheel. When I asked him if it worked, he replied that it was the best exercise for his core. It’s great for a great workout. I bought one. It not only works your abs, but also your chest, arms and shoulders.

  1. Power Sprints

Another great exercise that you can do almost anywhere.

I use a large field near my house to do 15 to 20 sprints per session. Light jogging or walking would be a good way to warm up. I prefer to build up slowly. I usually start slow for 20 yards, then slowly accelerate for 30-40 yards. Once your muscles are warmed up, you can speed up for each sprint. This exercise will help strengthen your entire body and give you a million dollars feeling. If you want to know about that idea of my fitness transformation, you should visit

Here are 7 amazing exercises to help you with your physical fitness transformation. Remember this… Remember… You will transform your life if you embrace the daily discipline it takes to start these exercises.

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