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A Comprehensive Guide to Wall Tiling Over Kitchen Worktops

If you are considering wall tiling over your kitchen worktops, this guide will provide you with the most important tips and tricks for achieving this look. Firstly, you should consider the material you’re going to use. Tiles or cement board will both look great, and are both impervious to water and heat. Choosing the right material is also an essential consideration, as is calculating the square footage of your kitchen.

Cement board is dense and impervious to water

A concrete board is a great alternative to gypsum board. It is twice as heavy and requires specialized tools to install, including carbide-tipped saw blades and a T-square. While it’s a little more expensive, concrete board may offer better value in the long run. When tiling over a Kandla Grey Patio Packs, cement board is the best choice.

Tiles are dense and impervious to water

A comprehensive guide to wall tiling over kitchen surfaces is a great way to transform your home. There are many benefits to using tile in this area, including the aesthetic value and durability of the surface. Besides looking great, it also increases the value of your property. In addition to looking good, tile can increase the resale value of your home. A detailed guide to wall tiling over kitchen worktops will also make it easier for you to choose a design.

Choosing a tile

When choosing a tile for your backsplash, consider the design of your Raj Green Paving Stones. You will have many choices in color, size, thickness, and shape. You can choose between man-made or natural materials. In addition, you can choose from a variety of shapes, such as squares, hexagons, and rectangles. The placement of your backsplash will depend on how busy you want your kitchen to look. For example, a busy kitchen may benefit from a pattern of large tiles, while a more basic design will benefit from smaller pieces of tile.

Calculating the square footage

When calculating the amount of tile required for your kitchen wall, you must factor in any doors or windows. Once you have the total square footage, divide that number by 144 and multiply the result by four. This amount is your total square footage. Remember to factor in the area underneath cabinets and counters. Then, you can determine how many square feet of tile you need to cover each area.


If you have a ceramic tiled kitchen styles worktop, you may be wondering how to clean it. While the glazed ceramic tiles themselves are reasonably hardwearing, the grout is the problem. It is very porous and can collect dirt and become discoloured if not sealed properly. It is not an easy task to clean. Luckily, there are some simple cleaning solutions available. You can use a damp moppet, add a few drops of washing liquid, and leave the surface to dry.

Adding life to your kitchen with a tile backsplash

Before you decide to add a tile backsplash to your kitchen, you should measure the space first. Some kitchens are long and rectangle-shaped, while others have various elements that break up the surface. After measuring each part, multiply the total inches by 144 to determine the square-footage of the backsplash. Once you have a rough idea of the size of your space, you can decide whether to purchase a large-scale backsplash or a smaller one.

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