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A Guide to Activating Your Optus Prepaid SIM

Activating a new Sim card can be an overwhelming task, but with Optus, it’s a quick and easy process. If you’re new to Optus Prepaid or you’re an existing customer looking to upgrade to a new Prepaid Sim, this guide will give you a step-by-step rundown on how to activate your new Sim card with ease.

Before Activation

Before you activate your new Sim card, you’ll need to be well prepared. You’ll need the following items:

  • Your new Optus Prepaid SIM card
  • Valid ID (like a driver’s license or passport)
  • Credit card or PayPal account (if activating online)

Once you have all these items ready, you can proceed with the activation process.

Activation Process

There are two ways to activate your Optus Prepaid SIM. The first is through the Optus website, and the second is through customer service. Here’s how to activate your new Sim card through the Optus website.

First, visit and fill out the required fields on the page. You’ll need to provide your name, contact information, and other personal details. Before you submit your details, double-check that all your information is correct. You don’t want any mistakes to delay the activation process.

If you’re activating online, you will need to provide payment information. You can use either a credit card or a PayPal account to activate your new Sim card. Once you have entered your payment information, click “submit.” Your payment will be processed, and your new Sim card will be activated.

If you prefer to activate your new Sim card through customer service, call the Optus customer service team on 1300 555 002. Provide your details, and you’ll be taken through the activation process over the phone. You may be required to provide proof of identity during this process.

Keeping Your Number When Activating Your New Sim Card

If you already have an existing mobile number that you want to keep when activating your new Sim card with Optus, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Optus customer service on 1300 555 002.
  2. Let them know that you want to keep your current number when activating your new Sim card.
  3. Heed their instructions carefully and provide any information requested during the call (like proof of identity).
  4. Once your number transfer request is approved, you can proceed with the activation process outlined above in the “Activation Process” section of this guide.

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Activating a new Optus Prepaid SIM card is quick and easy if you follow the steps provided. Have all the required items ready before you begin, and ensure that all information provided is up-to-date and accurate. If you need assistance, you can call the Optus customer service team on 1300 555 002 for help. Once your optus activate, you can start using your Optus Prepaid service right away.

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