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Celebrate their Retirement with These 11 Classic Gifts

Retirement tends to be bittersweet. After all, the retiree is emerging from a decades long work life that occupied most of their available time. However, they are also leaving behind people they’ve gotten to know well, a comfortable routine, clients who care, and personal fulfillment that must be shifted toward other goals. Celebrate the retiree in your life with these classic gifts that are sure to put a happy stamp on their heart.

  • Airydale Wood Picture Frame. This picture frame is the perfect depiction of what retired life should be like. The frame reads: Life’s real journey begins at retirement. It can be hanged or placed on a tabletop and features a snap in picture insertion design. It effectively blends a traditional and contemporary style that the retiree will proudly display with a photo of them in the glory of their retirement.
  • Visa Gift Card. A perfect gift to celebrate any retirement, Visa Gift Cards put the purchasing power right into their hands. They can choose from retailers located all over the world at thousands of locations. Balances and purchases are easily tracked online, making spending safe and secure. You can include a customized photo and bespoke text on the front of the card to make it a truly classic – and much appreciated – gift.
  • Sloggers Waterproof Garden Shoe. This retirement gift for women is designed for nonslip outdoor activities like gardening and walking in the rain. It’s made of 100% recyclable material and is not only rain repellant, it’s also cute! Choose from sunflower print blue, meadow print black, grungy paw print blue, weed print dark green and a host of others, encourage her to spend more time in the outdoors now that she’s retired.
  • O-Fish-Ally Retired T-Shirt. If your favorite retirement guy is a real angler, he will no doubt be spending a lot of time at the water with fishing pole in hand. This t-shirt will be his go-to every time he heads out before sunrise. Crafted of soft, breathable fabric, it’s a basic tee with double stitching along the neckline and sleeves for extra durability (just in case the big one doesn’t get away this time!)
  • Go Sentimental. Whether you are celebrating a dear loved one’s retirement or a coworker’s, there are easy and fun avenues for sentimental gift giving. Photo albums, scrapbooks with pictures and notes from colleagues, clients, and customers, group photos, and inspirational quotes will be cherished long after the champagne bubbles have popped.
  • Experiential Gifts. When folks think of the word ‘gift’ they often think of something tangible, something they can hold in their hands. But, all gifts are not created equal! You can give them an experience such as a gift card for their favorite restaurant, a spa day, sporting event or concert tickets or even a membership to a local museum or zoo.
  • An Inscribed Watch. The epitome of all classic retirement gifts, an inscribed watch is iconic and is a great representation of the retiree’s enormous work throughout their career. Choose from brands such as Bulova, Holzkern, Fossil, and countless others. You simply can’t miss a beat with this gift.
  • 101 Things to Do in Retirement: An Irreverent, Outrageous & Funny Guide to Life after Work. If there’s anything that comes with shedding the ole daily grind, it’s the ability to truly do whatever you want. Gone are the deadlines, say goodbye to the bosses, this book is filled with the weird and hilarious things they might have always wanted to do, but knew they had to wait for the appropriate time.
  • A Wine Subscription. It’s the gift that gives over and over again. If your retiree is a budding sommelier, they will love getting an assortment of wines delivered right to their door every month. Most subscriptions offer wine cards that cover the history, grapes, and notes that are present in the wines they have received.
  • A Heartfelt Message. If you have been working with the retiree for some time, it’s likely you’re going to miss them. Write them a heartfelt message about your favorite times together. Recognize their commitment and service to the company and that retirement is an important milestone. Then make plans to stay connected.
  • Whiskey Decanter. They probably can’t wait to sit back, relax, and leisurely sip on their favorite whiskey. Get them the “Officially Retired” whiskey decanter, with optional whiskey glasses to go along with it. Available on Etsy, you can even customize it with their name.

Retirement is a huge milestone in someone’s life. Celebrate it with just the right gift that matches their spirit and personality.

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