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Do You Really Need to Utilize a Website Migration Service?

It’s time to move your websites to a different host. Will you try to manage the task on your own, or will you call on a website migration service to oversee the process? Here are some of the reasons why placing the project in the hands of professionals is your best bet.

Migrations Can Be Managed Any Time of the Day or Night

While you expect the cut-over to be fast, it would be a good idea to not begin the migration during a time when your sites tend to receive more traffic. A better solution is to schedule the migration for a time when traffic is generally low. Depending on the traffic pattern, this could be at night or during a weekend.

The nice thing about using a services is that you can schedule the migration to launch at any time that works for your business. Even if there is some minor issue that slows down the populating with the new host, it can be addressed and resolved without causing any problems for those attempting to visit your site. Ask a professional how this is done and you may be amazed at how they protect you.

Experts Are On Hand Throughout the Processes

You know your business well, but you’re not an expert on how migrations are accomplished. Fortunately, there’s no reason why you have to become one. With a service, you have experts who are on hand to ensure that things go smoothly.

They are the ones who will monitor the progress and intervene if something seems to be slowing the process. Instead of you trying to figure out why something isn’t working, you can depend on the experts to isolate the issue, correct it, and continue monitoring as the migration resumes.

You Can Migrate Multiple Sites at One Time

In your case, there’s more than a website to migrate. You also plan on moving a blog to the new host. The same is true with any landing pages that you have deployed. While you may not be sure how to coordinate all of these moves, you can bet that the team at a website migration service can handle it all with ease.

All you have to do is provide details about the sites that you want to migrate. They’ll ask for any authorizations needed and then structure the overall migration. The nice thing is that from your perspective, it appears that everything is done at the same time. That will also be true for anyone who happens to come across one of your sites.

There’s Quality Control Before During and After the Migration

The support that you get from the migration service begins before the move takes place. There are tests that are ran first to ensure everyone will move appropriately. During the actual move, every detail is monitored closely. Even after all of your pages and sites are placed with the new host, there’s a series of quality control tests that the experts will conduct.

Why all this support? It helps to ensure that nothing is lost during the move. Their efforts also ensure that load times are not increased and that all site features are working properly. That takes a lot off your shoulders and makes the process seamless.

The bottom line is that using a professional service to migrate your websites is the most practical solution. If you’re planning this type of move, call an expert today. When it’s said and done, you’ll be glad that you did.

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