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Eyenuts: A Complete Guide

Screws with a looped head are known as eyenuts. They’re made to hold a trap or a wire. Eye nuts come in oval or round shapes and are certified for various uses. For instance, load-rated eye nuts are intended for straight lifting but should not be used with angular pulls. Meanwhile, non-load-rated eye nuts are intended for use with tie-downs and directing lines. They are not intended for lifting.

This article will go into further details on what eye nuts are and how they operate. Keep reading!

Different Types And Style Of Eyebolts

An eye bolt is some kind of bolt with one end looped. It is among the most regularly used types of hardware in handling materials. Eyebolts are screwed into constructions such as timber or steel pillars and are often held in place by a screw. They are created to be used in combination with a rope or cable that passes through the ring in order to raise objects.

The most popular types of eye bolts used in commercial operations include machinery eye bolts, nut eye bolts, and screw eye bolts. They are all accessible in two styles: shoulder and plain. Each kind is available in a range of sizes and forms.

When exerting angular loads, a normal nut eye bolt, also referred to as a plain design eye bolt, should never be utilised since it might bend or break. Meanwhile, when providing diagonal loads, a shoulder nut eye bolt may be utilised, but bear in mind that the rated capacity is much decreased when loading at any angle. When the shoulder pattern-lifting eye is properly positioned in the gathering hole, the shoulder bears on the seat, therefore lowering shank bending stress.

Both general structure and shoulder pattern-lifting eyes are acceptable for vertical increases, in principle. However, because there is no assurance that a load will never experience an angular lift, shoulder pattern lifting eyes should be used whenever practical.

Nevertheless, among all the types of eye bolts, Eyenuts is the most popular. Let us study the basic information about eyenuts.

What Are Eyenuts?

Eye nuts may also be developed to create a robust attachment point for lifting activities that are too difficult to execute by hand. They also include a circular eye and a bottom hole via which they may be screwed into current systems. Additionally, they are designed to offer a safe anchoring point for a broad range of activities.

The Dimensions of Eyenuts

Eye nuts must have the following requirements:

  • maximum carrying ability
  • diameter of the bell
  • length of threaded
  • width or inner diameter
  • eye section
  • weight

The maximum weight capacity of an eye nut is the greatest load it can support. The length of the bell refers to the section of the eye nut that houses the tap. Untapped eye nuts are also available, despite the fact that most eye nuts are threaded. Meanwhile, for round eye nuts, the internal diameter or width (bail size) is specified as the bail diameter, and for oval eye nuts, the bail width.

Materials Used for Eyenuts

The material and polish of eye nuts vary. Metal eye nuts may be made from a number of substances, such as:

  • aluminium brass
  • bronze 
  • steel 
  • stainless steel
  • proprietary alloys
  • titanium 
  • hardened steel

Aluminium is lighter than steel, yet it lacks the strength of steel. Copper-base alloys such as brass and silicon bronze are widespread. As fastening components, a variety of carbon and stainless steel is employed.

Although stainless steel does not need anti-corrosion treatments, it cannot be toughened as well as carbon steel. Meanwhile, titanium, a metal often utilised in the aerospace sector, is well suited to particular applications.

Depending on the quality, eye nuts are typically galvanised, anodized, or plated with tin, gold, silver, or zinc. Black oxide is an eye nut covering with negligible effect on dimensions. Phosphate coatings offer corrosion resistance, as well as a superior surface for primer and paint application.

Forged Eye Nuts

Hooks, chains, and ropes are secured to a surface using eye nuts as anchoring points. The eye nut, which has a circular head and is connected to a fastening eye, is ideal for connecting wires of any fabric to a structure. It is utilised to give a safe axis location for the base of your activities, with a sphere hole by which cables are threaded.

Eye nuts, which are often composed of stainless steel, vary from eyebolts primarily in the way they utilise anchoring, but they serve a similar purpose. Moreover, eye nuts have a hole to screw into buildings with their own screw heads, while eyebolts have a threaded part at the bottom to connect directly to a building.


Forged Eye nuts are the best equipment you can have. When exposed to moisture and chemicals, the eye nut is further polished to prevent corrosion and physical damage. It is also corrosion – resistant and some other harmful factors.

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