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Fostering Strong Connections with Clothing Manufacturers in China

China is one of the major sources in the clothing sector and is considered a global leader. The country produced more than 3.23 billion meters of fabric in April of 2022. China, having 31.6% of the market share in the world, is not only a major clothing supplier but also a major source of clothes to well-known fashion brands such as Nike and Gap.

Finding a trustworthy clothing manufacturer in this country is a challenging task. Therefore, in this small guide, we will try to help you on how to locate good clothing manufacturers, particularly in China.

Are Chinese clothes good quality?

As far as the quality of Chinese clothes is concerned, you can get both poor and excellent quality materials, depending on where they are produced and who the manufacturer is.

There are definite advantages of quality inspection system that most of the professional manufacturers in China adopt, where you can find good quality products. Therefore, it is very essential to remain alert while choosing your supplier.

Why do most businesses prefer to source clothing products from China?

Sourcing clothes from China offers several advantages, including manufacturers’ experience and capacity, customization abilities, and an established business ecosystem.

Chinese clothing producers typically boast 10-15 years of industry experience, understanding both manufacturing and export processes. They often possess the capability to cater to large orders and adhere to U.S. and EU market standards.

Moreover, Chinese manufacturers excel in customization, providing ODM and OEM services, enabling direct communication and efficient adjustments to product concepts, saving time and resources.

How do you find clothing manufacturers in China?

Most Chinese textile and clothing industries are concentrated on the east coast, particularly in provinces like:

– Guangdong

– Fujian

– Zhejiang

– Jiangsu

– Shandong.

Additionally, textile industrial parks exist in cities like Wuxi, Nantong, and Changzhou. A few more channels, like below can also be explored.

1. Third party agencies

While searching for a clothes manufacturer, remember that often, bigger is not better. Most of these bigger Chinese clothing suppliers will demand a higher MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) and only entertain very large-scale orders from a big client. Therefore, if you are a small company, they will not like to engage with you.

For a small company like yours, you must deal with certain smaller or medium-sized manufacturers who are ready to do business with smaller MOQs.

2. Online B2B marketplace

Several marketplaces in China serve as shopfronts for manufacturers, including:

– Alibaba

– Made in China

– Global Source.

While they facilitate direct communication, supplier quality can vary, warranting third-party quality inspection agency like those offered by HQTS.

3. Fashion exhibitions in China

China hosts various fashion exhibitions and trade shows across the country, providing excellent opportunities for physical interaction with manufacturers.

Top events include the following:

– Canton Fair

– Yiwu Trade Fair

– China International Fashion Fair

– East China Import and Export Commodity Fair.

4. Find Chinese clothing suppliers through LinkedIn

LinkedIn, although it is banned in China, remains a valuable resource for finding professional manufacturers. Join sourcing clothing groups for additional insights.

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