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Furnish Your Home With This Live Edge Furniture

Each table and piece of furniture in your house may tell a story. Heritage furnishings that are one-of-a-kind are making a return. Live edge furniture could be that one-of-a-kind item passed down to the next generation.

You’ve probably heard of this sort of furniture and questioned what it was. It may appear to be an odd concept, but this article will clarify everything. You’ll learn about the benefits of owning live edge furniture and some design ideas for integrating this trend into your space. As usual, utilise your creativity, and if it falls short, visit our site for additional ideas.

What Exactly Is Live Edge Furniture?

Live Edge Furniture, commonly known as natural edge furniture, is naturally finished wooden furniture made from recovered wood that cannot be used in traditional construction. Natural edge furniture combines popular mid-century design characteristics with aspects of the current design.

Natural edge furniture is distinguished by natural flaws such as gnarls, knots, and warps. It is aesthetically pleasing, one-of-a-kind, and long-lasting. Natural wood is often found locally or salvaged rather than chopping trees or importing timber from distant continents.

The use of reclaimed wood minimises the carbon footprint connected with furniture production. Natural edge furniture, such as coffee tables and bookshelves, is popular since no two pieces are similar. Each of these pieces of mid-century furniture transcends several styles such as rustic, contemporary, minimalist, or shabby chic to merge seamlessly with its intended location.

The Advantages of Live Edge Tables

The following are some of the benefits of using live edge tables.

  • They remain fashionable – This features a neutral look that complements most contemporary home designs. The inherent beauty of wood could never go wrong. It’s traditional, rustic, and one-of-a-kind.
  • Resistant to wear and tear– Reclaimed wood table tops, whether for side tables, coffee tables, or dining room tables, are made entirely of pure hardwood with no plywood or veneers. These mid-century items are built with the best materials and workmanship to survive years of wear and tear.
  • Sustainable- They are environmentally friendly since they are manufactured from recovered wood slab timber with natural finishes. The visible grain on the edge of the wood may tell you how old it is. Each item is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted from natural wood and other ecologically safe materials.

The finishing method for custom live edge furniture is designed to bring out the wood’s colour and timeless beauty. To bring out the remarkable intricacies of the wood, we apply many coats of finish and sanding.

When you run your hand over the tabletop, you can feel the grains of genuine wood, but it is protected.

Live Edge Table Design Ideas

Live edge tables are a terrific way to bring nature’s beauty into your house. They are one-of-a-kind and available in a variety of styles such as vintage, chic, futuristic, minimalist modern, and more. Live edge tables are not the same as typical wood furniture. They have a natural, rustic appearance that contrasts sharply with the slick and flawless surface of standard tables.

Live edge tables have a unique appearance that may be appealing in a variety of home styles. Whatever the trends are, live edge tables have a timeless charm that can be carried over into any era and continue to be a spectacular accent item that turns heads.

Here are a few one-of-a-kind live-edge furnitures to assist you to spruce up your room.

Live Edge Ash Tree Coffee Table

The Ash tree live edge table makes it simple to create a one-of-a-kind ambience in your house. The objective of this design was to keep the natural appearance as much as possible so that you could see the tree rings and rustic edges on the top of this table.

Table Made of Teak Root Wood

If you want to spice up your home design, this is the component you’ve been seeking for. This Teak Root Wood Table will help you give a natural atmosphere and rustic appeal to any environment. This table can tell a story and elevate the décor to greater levels. If you like old-fashioned elegance and the culture of heirlooms, you will adore this table. Teak Root Wood Table will not only have a one-of-a-kind appearance, but it will also make a statement about your style and taste.

Table with Walnut Roots

The Walnut Root Table will attract everyone’s attention and become the focal point of your house. The magnificent dark wood and live edge table is the perfect accent piece for any house, no matter what style. If you like eye-catching décor that can’t be overlooked, this is the place to be. This table, made from carefully sourced wood and remarkable workmanship, will last for generations and transcend passing fads.

Dining Table in Chestnut

This lovely Chestnut Dining Table features a natural, curving edge as well as a wood pattern top. This live edge table is a great addition to any dining space and is sure to spark some talk! When paired with any chairs, this furniture piece of art will create the pleasant and welcoming ambience that we all want in a dining area.


Live edge furniture is a terrific design option if you want to turn your house into a focal point with an appealing facade and antique vibes while supporting environmental preservation and design integration.

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