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How To Choose Among Asphalt Paving Companies In Toledo

Things To Ask When You Are Researching Asphalt Paving Companies In Toledo

You know your business better than anyone. Sit down and consider what things may go wrong in the installation phase. What things could go wrong after the project is done? Discuss those things with the prospective asphalt paving companies in Toledo. Troubleshooting before the project begins will better inform you and the company staff. This could be a mainstay in ensuring that your project goes smoothly before and after. 

As you are researching asphalt paving companies in Toledo ask about their history. Find out how long they’ve been in business. Check with the Better Business Bureau to make certain there are no negative reports. Asphalt paving is a huge and all-encompassing project. This one you don’t want to get wrong. You want to make certain that you hire a company that is reputable and knows what they’re doing. Bowers Asphalt and Paving, LLC has been in business for decades. Today, it is a third-generation family run entity.

Ask the prospective asphalt paving companies in Toledo for references. If they’re running a quality business, they will have no problem in supplying these. Call the prior customers and ask questions. Ask if there has been issues with the installation or with maintenance after the project is completed. It’s great to get references that closely match your type of business. In this way you’ll know If the prospective company is familiar with your needs.

The company should give you a rundown of what materials will be used in your paving project. Though the overwhelming majority of paving projects are done with asphalt, inquire about different materials. These materials may better suit your project needs. The company staffer should be well-versed in this topic. This will inform of their level of professionalism.

See The Paving Project For Yourself

Go out and see the companies work for yourself. If they’ve built a major road in the area or a commercial project, you can go and inspect the area for yourself. Are there many potholes? Is there a cracking on the commercial property sidewalk? Are there holes in the parking lot? Taking a look at previous work is a great indicator in choosing a company.

Consider The After Installation Maintenance Involved 

Have a frank discussion about what after installation maintenance is required. All paving projects require maintenance. Usual wear and tear, inclement weather events, and a host of different variables come in to play. It’s best to stay with the same company for installation and maintenance. Generally, companies ensure the work that they install. They want you to be a happy customer. They want you to be a repeat customer. Having this conversation at the outset will derail any problems coming up later.

Bowers Asphalt & Paving LLC 

You will find that we are not a “fly by night” type of paving company. We have made a steady progression to the company we are today. We’ve done that by performing well and making happy customers. We may be bigger than most companies, but we remember our small beginnings. In 1946, we started out doing asphalt repairs and seal coating with a pull box. Today we have a 6000# H & B asphalt batch plant with two silos. The silos did not come all at once. One was added in 1998 and the second one was added in 2005. We acquired scrapers in the 1970s which resulted in our ability to do more extensive excavation and aggregate placement. In 1998, we added our first mill. Though we have accomplished much, Bowers Asphalt and Paving, Inc. continues to grow. In 2018, we began utilizing GPS machine control for both our excavation and grading equipment. We want to be the best company for our customers who are the best.

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