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How to Increase Blog Traffic with Content Marketing?

Increase Blog Traffic

The dream of a blogger entering the field as a beginner is to reach a wide audience. Any form of writing can be seen at its heart to be a way to communicate something says DCA. Old writers and poets of centuries past used their writing as a way to say something to a wide audience. Talented thinkers of our time have blogs to express what they wish to.

Blogging is the practise of posting content online on a unique website or webpage. The aim of every blogger is to eventually have a wide readership. A large traffic base is not merely a vanity metric. There are a number of ad networks that can be leveraged to appear on highly trafficked blogs, and bloggers can earn money at the click of every ad. A prime example of such an ad network is Google Ad Sense that displays ads based upon the content of the blog.

For bloggers in the game for earning money through such ad networks, traffic is ultimate goal. There are many ways blog traffic can be increased, but none of them is as sustainable as simply creating quality content. In this article, we discuss a few lessons from content marketing that can be used to increase blog traffic.

Identify Topics That Have Not Been Addressed

Every niche has a certain segment of topics that have not been addressed in detail. These topics can vary depending on the niche in question. For example, website security is not discussed often as a key SEO factor in comparison to other aspects like keywords, link building, and content.

In order to get high blog traffic, bloggers have to identify such gaps that exist in their respective niche and fill it with high quality content. To identify such gaps, bloggers have to know their niche very well and understand where exactly the content gap exists.

Make Effective Content Calendar

The reading habits of readers are influenced greatly by the time of the year. For instance, the spending habits of an average earning individual are likely to be constant throughout the year only to jump during the holiday months.

Content works in a similar way. Top institutes for digital marketing courses says that during certain times of the year, a given segment of the audience is more likely to read certain types of content. For example, if you run a blog giving detailed cooking recipes and you’re targeting an Indian audience, publishing a recipe for making thandai during the time of Holi is a logical option, as it is something your target audience might be looking for.

Having a content calendar is not just about content planning, but also a way to strategize how the right form of content can be created.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers two unique ways content marketing tips to improve blog traffic and spiral search ranking.

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