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Know This Before You Get A Face Contouring Procedure

Face contouring, also known as facial sculpting, is a treatment that allows you to change the curves of your face, as well as make sections of your face smaller and emphasise the places you want to emphasise the most. This is a type of elective plastic surgery that is performed to assist you achieve facial harmony and balance.


Women may choose facial contour surgery for a variety of reasons, including a desire for a smaller, softer, more feminine appearance. If a man believes his face is too feminine, facial contouring might help him attain a more manly and chiselled appearance. Individuals who are transitioning from one sexuality to another can benefit from facial sculpting. This is a potentially life-threatening procedure, so make your decision based on all available information and research.

Other candidates for face contouring surgery are people in their fifties and sixties who have glanced in the mirror and no longer recognise themselves. Due to the amount of drooping skin and wrinkles on their faces, these people have lost their facial contouring.


While the patient is under general anaesthetic, a facial reshaping procedure is conducted. The patient has CT imaging scans to gather images of the face’s bones and soft tissues before to the treatment. When the surgeon performs the procedure, this serves as a guide for him or her.

A face contouring procedure takes time because it normally necessitates multiple revisions to attain a proportionate appearance. The nose, cheekbones, forehead, cheeks, and lips are the most common areas where the operation is performed.As a result, no one-size-fits-all facial shaping technique or treatment exists. Rather, each surgery is tailored to the individual’s demands and may include a variety of cosmetic surgical procedures.

The attending physician provides each patient with a recovery guidelines handbook.


It is usually recommended that you stay in the hospital for a day or two to allow for observation and follow-up. It is possible to be discharged the same day in some circumstances (for example, cheekbone surgery).

  • The recuperation time varies greatly depending on the extent of surgical intervention. For the first few weeks after jaw contouring, people will have trouble moving their mouth. Others may be able to return to normal activities in as little as two weeks. If nonabsorbable stitches were used, the patient must return to the hospital in two weeks to have them removed.
  • Swelling normally subsides after a month, and full healing can be achieved in three months. In 6-12 months, the ultimate results will be obvious. Prescribed medications hasten tissue healing and recovery.
  • To reduce scar sensitivity, it’s best to stay away from hot and spicy foods during the healing period. Mouthwashing is also necessary on a regular basis. Special mouth exercises are another technique for the patient to aid their rehabilitation. It aids in the widening of the jaw and speeds up nerve and tissue regeneration. You can begin performing them two weeks following surgery.

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