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One to One Online Tutoring

Best teachers have been selected after the level wise interviews for one-to-one online tutoring. During the process, best and experienced teachers are being selected. Experienced teachers help in training the students from all over the world. Requirements of the parents for their students are always welcomed. These online classes help the students to seek all the advantages of learning. This online tutoring is beneficial for the students to learn while sitting at any corner of the world, besides moving from one place to another.

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Personal attention is provided to every single student and the teacher gives personal attention to the student. It is very safe and convenient for everyone since this corona pandemic has been started. The teacher and the student can easily interact with one another. The teacher makes all the concepts clear to the students and before proceeding to the next topic. Revision tests are taken to check out the previous learning. It helps the students in clarifying the doubts. Both the introvert and extrovert students can easily converse with the teachers. Teachers motivates the students to perform and score better in the class every time.

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All the chapters grade wise are covered according to the syllabus. It is the best option for boosting up the confidence of the students. This one-to-one tutoring is very beneficial as one teacher works on a single student. Complete focus is laid upon a single student. In this teaching learning process, the students get time and attention to learn better. This tutoring actually aims to improve the understanding of the student in particular subject. This type of tutoring is very flexible for every student as it goes on according to the needs of the student. It can be re-scheduled according to the needs of the student as it only focuses on the needs of the student to learn and understand a certain point in a subject. It is very convenient also as the teacher gives personal attention and minimal distractions are there. It enhances their learning. To access the understanding of the student, teacher gives questions to solve on the spot.

Technology helps every student to interact with the student in a very convenient way. It is also very important for the teacher to know the lacking points of the students and make them understand in a better way. Feedback and guidance are the two important features of one-to-one learning process. Home-assignments are also provided so that students can access them in a better way. This online learning has become prevalent now a days. Students are free to access the online classes and learn according to their comfort as it is proving very beneficial for them. It is very effective. It provides all the essential material for the teacher as well as for the students. These are very flexible for the students also. It has physical security for the student also as now a days parents are worried a lot about the security of their wards. Now with the help of this one-to-one online tutoring, parents also feel safe for their children.

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