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Presenting The Macallan M Collection

The Macallan 30 Year Old Sherry Oak has actually unveiled The Macallan M Collection, a range of limited release single malt whiskies which celebrates the brand’s well-known Six Columns.

The 6 Pillars are the structure rocks that account for The Macallan’s distinctive and also outstanding whiskies as well as make up All-natural Colour, Proficiency, Strangely Enough Small Spirit Stills, The Estate, Exceptional Oak Casks and also Sherry Spices.

The Macallan M Collection features a selection of colours embodying these unique qualities and also showing the feelings that drive the brand name. The initial 3 expressions are the 2022 editions of M and M Black and the brand-new M Copper, Karuizawa 31 Year Old – Sapphire Geisha which pays tribute to the distinct copper stills utilised by The Macallan because it was founded in 1824.

M personifies All-natural Colour, a result of The Macallan’s commitment to workmanship as well as commitment to making use of the finest, 100% all-natural ingredients and also sherry seasoned oak barrels. An uncommon spirit epitomising openness, it has actually developed in a handful of hand-selected barrels and is framed in a handmade Lalique crystal decanter showcasing the whisky’s all-natural rich brownish-yellow hue. M exposes the distillery’s classic sherry experienced, full-flavoured character imparting notes of delicious chocolate, rich dried fruit as well as flavor.

M Black stands for The Macallan’s commitment to Mastery and also steadfast trust in its craft. Unusual, black ended sherry experienced oak barrels holding peated spirit have actually been selected by the Whisky Mastery Team to develop this one-of-a-kind expression. The handmade Lalique black crystal decanter shows the peat smoke within the whisky and also the self-confidence which drives The Macallan whisky makers as they boldly wed traditional Macallan notes with peated whisky. A subtly smoky expression, it shows a rich all-natural colour of golden sunrise as well as equilibriums The Macallan’s classic character with an unforeseen peated note.

M Copper reflects the Strangely enough Little Spirit Stills that are a specifying attribute of The Macallan’s distillation procedure. They stand for a pivotal moment in whisky-making history as when most relocated to bigger, greater manufacturing copper stills, The Macallan concentrated on top quality and also their unique sizes and shape aid to focus the new make spirit, creating the rich.

With an all-natural colour of spun gold, M Copper is a vibrant expression which brings the flavours developed in the stills to the fore. It has a buttery, thick mouth finish and also is rupturing in fruitiness with a hint of sweet malty flavour. A handcrafted Lalique copper coloured crystal decanter likewise shows the stills and also the authenticity which drives the brand with its commitment to ingenious methods.

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