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Home Renovating your outdoor space? Here are some things you need to consider

Renovating your outdoor space? Here are some things you need to consider

There’s a lot that goes into the process of renovating anything. Whether you’ve got prior experience in a home reno, or you’re playing with the idea of elevating your existing space for the first time, there’s a lot to consider. For indoor renovations, there’s the issue of moving your decor and personal belongings around to make space for work to be done, for example, as well as the colours, the decor, and the layout that you’re changing up. 

It’s almost the same, yet still slightly different for outdoor space renovations. You have to think of the hows, whys, whens, and whats of why you’re wanting to develop your outdoor space. 

A little lost? Here’s a handy checklist of things you’re going to need to think about prior to starting your journey to creating the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family.

Look at your whys

It’s easy to say you’re just wanting a “nice-looking” outdoor space when starting to think about outdoor living renovations. But it’s a good idea to really look into what “nice-looking” means to you, and how you can make that functional for your needs. Do you want a large space for children to run around? Are you after a poolside area for relaxing summer days by the water? Or perhaps you’re after a sizable space with ample seating for entertaining friends and family year-round. Once you’ve figured out what you want your outdoor space to become, it becomes a little easier to figure out everything else, too!

Grab some inspo

Research and renovations go hand in hand. Not only because it helps you really narrow down what your vision is for your outdoor space, but it also puts you in a more knowledgeable stage where you know what’s possible for the size of your space, what layouts you can possibly adhere to, and how certain styles can complement or clash with your existing exterior home designs. Often, looking into other outdoor spaces and how they’ve been designed can help give you more specialised ideas for your own, especially if the dimensions of the space are around the same size as your backyard.

Figure out your budget

Everyone knows that renovations can get a little pricey if you’re not mindful of the costs. In this day and age, it’s important to get the most value for your money, while also not sacrificing quality. This means setting a budget for how much you’re willing to spend to makeover your outdoor space. So when you’re doing your research, whether it’s making a Pinterest board for inspiration, looking at outdoor living ideas on the internet, or even having a chat with Melbourne builders that specialise in outdoor living solutions, it’s a good idea to canvas for ballpark prices for what you’re wanting for your renovations. This not only puts you in a better spot to find well-priced, high-quality options, but also gives you peace of mind: you’ve shopped around and found the best options for you.


And don’t be afraid to prioritise the most important things and leave others for later, especially if they won’t fit into your budget. Often, pricey outdoor furniture can wait and you can purchase more affordable furniture in the meantime. This means that you can spend on what really matters, and build up the space over time.

Level up – or down

Wanting to add some visual interest to the space? Consider adding a level to your garden, which elevates the look to new heights (pardon the pun!). You can do this by Garden paving, or even decking to create a solid division between levels, or even by decorating a natural slope with shrubbery and flowers for pops of bright colour. Your guests will love what you’ve done with the place and you’ll have a backyard that’s your very own.

Add some greenery

Of course, one of the biggest pulls to spending time outdoors is the calming sense that we get from being around nature and greenery. So why not lean into that by sprucing up the space with pots and shrubs of plants? Head out to your local gardening shop to grab some low maintenance plants that are stylish and don’t require too much care from you. Some examples include: Lomandra Lime Tuff, Blue Bugles, Blue Chalk, Coral Bells, and Creeping Boobialla. These hardy plants add a hint of colour and coolness to any space, with or without the green thumb!

If you’re a whiz at gardening, you might even want to try your hand at planting your own garden, with a wide array of vegetables and flora to draw the eye.

 Consider cover

Outdoor spaces are the place to be when the sun is up and the weather is good. But it’s important to remember that the UV rays in Australia can be especially harsh, and that being sunsmart is a significant part of keeping your skin healthy and cancerfree. Homeowners nowadays choose to add roofing or covers on top of their outdoor seating areas in order to create a relaxing space that guests and family alike can unwind in, without threat of sunburn during the summer, or getting drenched during winter.

From verandahs, patios, carports, to gazebos Melbourne, there’s a lot to choose from that can help you create the outdoor space that you desire. Whether you’re wanting full, partial, or even adjustable shade, having a cover installed not only keeps you and your family protected from the elements, but also prolongs the life of outdoor furniture and decor, as well as greenery that requires partial shade from the sun, too.

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