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Home Shopping Shopping for a Theater Production: A Guide

Shopping for a Theater Production: A Guide

When you are about to stage a theater production, you might be overwhelmed by the number of different aspects you need to go shopping for, especially if you cannot borrow these or get second-hand options. For first-time directors and those simply stressed, here is what you should shop for when you are staging a theater production.

Stage Makeup and Hair Supplies

Although you might get away with your actors using everyday makeup, especially in amateur productions, good stage makeup can help your actors be seen and stop them from being washed out by the stage lights. This type of makeup will help actors feel good about themselves and can add definition to their appearance. Stage makeup can also allow you to play with different effects, including aging up your actors or making them look tired or bruised. Rather than investing in any old stage makeup, you should look for a high-quality option that can be used on the majority of your actors, regardless of their skin type. However, you should always check whether your actors are allergic to stage makeup before you begin.

You should also look around for hair supplies, such as hairspray, dye, and wigs for your actors. This is especially the case if you want their hair to look different from their natural hair. Finding good hair supplies can be difficult, especially if you do not want your hair supplies to make your production look low-budget. You should consider looking for specialist hair supplies that have been created with actors in mind. These hair supplies can help your actors to look the part under the lights.


You will also need to shop around for costumes for your theater production, especially if you do not have access to a costume store or many contacts from whom you can borrow costumes from. Many directors and costume personnel decide to look around thrift stores for the perfect costumes, as these are usually home to an array of one-off pieces in a variety of styles and fashions. Thrift shopping can be especially important for historical and retro pieces, as you may be able to find older clothing styles and fits in these shops. You might also consider working with a specialist costume house or shop that will allow you to find the costume that you have in mind, yet cannot purchase from the high street.

Set and Props

You should also think carefully about what you need for your set. You might have to look around for cheap tables and chairs that you can use on-stage, as well as props such as china and ceramics frequently used in amateur and professional theatrical productions. By looking around for the set pieces and props that you need early, you can change the on-stage action to suit the set and props you have, as well as those you have been unable to source. You might look into getting someone to help you find the set pieces and props you need and to build the set in question, as this can be difficult and time-consuming.

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