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The Many Advantages of a Smart Video Doorbell

Smart home devices have become so popular that everyone has a minimum of one smart device at home, apart from their smartphones. The sole purpose of smart home devices is to bring convenience and ease to our lives, which in many ways makes us much more productive.

Smart video doorbells are a smart home device that is now being installed to improve one’s home security. Of course, it has also made lives easier, as just like most smart home devices, smart video doorbells can be accessed remotely.

Today, you can find a smart doorbell camera at an affordable price that has the ability to make your and your loved ones’ lives much safer. This smart home device is more versatile than one may think, as it provides numerous convenience and security benefits, whether you are home or not.

Whether you want to make your home a “smart” home or beef up your home security these Wi-Fi enables smart video doorbells will have you wondering what were you waiting for to purchase them?

These smart doorbells give you the ability to monitor entry points to your home, and also record events happening at your doorstep. In fact, you can also interact with visitors at your doorstep, and this is very much possible even if you were miles away from home.

Here are four advantages of installing a smart video doorbell. You can thank us later!

You Can View Your Front Door From All Over the World

Apart from having a video feed of what’s happening at your doorstep, a smart video doorbell also allows you to watch its live feed from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

These doorbell cameras are like all other smart devices, sync to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to view and interact with people at your doorstep. Moreover, you will also receive real-time alerts on your phone whenever your doorbell is pressed or something triggered its motion sensors.

You will further get a live feed of what’s actually going on. Of course, familiar faces can be ignored but if you see something suspicious, you can alert the authorities even if you are not at home.

Two-Way Communication

Whenever you open your smart doorbell app to view the video feed, you can also speak with any individuals who are at your doorstep. How is this possible? Well, these smart devices have a built-in microphone and speaker that allows you to have two-way communication.

For instance, if somebody is delivering a package to your home, you can always tell the delivery guy what to do when he rings the doorbell and you are away from home. This way you don’t have to be paranoid about having your package stolen.

Moreover, if you have a smart lock attached to your doorbell, you can unlock the door and tell him to put the package inside so that it’s not exposed. You could also choose to inform familiar visitors that you are away or further trick potential intruders into thinking that someone’s home.

Easy Installation and Setup

When smart home devices were initially launched, people are skeptical about how user-friendly and easy would it be to install them? That said, as time went by, it becomes known that these smart home devices are rather easy to install and use!

Most smart video doorbells are simple to set up, and they also come with the tools and supplies required to install them. If you have installed a smart thermostat at home, installing a video doorbell is very much the same.

The major difference is that smart doorbells come with no wires and connections. In most cases, you will need to screw a backplate onto the wall, and this may require you to have a drill at home.

Once that’s done, the doorbell itself clicks on smoothly, and the rest of the setup is done on your phone. All you have to do is download the smart doorbell app and follow the step-by-step guide that tells you each and everything you need to do.

You Can Turn It Off Temporarily

If you ever feel that you don’t need your smart doorbell to record for some reason, you can easily disable the doorbell whenever you like, and this is as simple as turning it off from the app.

Some people only turn on their smart doorbells when they are away from home, especially if it’s for a long haul, but this is ultimately your choice. The ability to turn on/off your doorbell is another way to concise storage, battery power, and Wi-Fi.


Well, there you go with the major advantages of having a smart video doorbell!

Smart video doorbells, just like other smart home technologies are rapidly evolving. Their features only improve, and you will also see newer features with time. Thus, any issues with smart doorbell technology are likely to remove in the future.

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