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The Role of Foundation Wraps in Energy Efficiency and Saving On Heating and Cooling Costs

With the rising cost of energy, you’re likely looking for ways to keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank. One of the most overlooked and effective means of reducing your energy use is to insulate your foundation walls with foundation wall wraps. Not only will you see significant savings on your heating and cooling bills, your home will also be more comfortable year-round. In this blog, we’ll explain how foundation wall wraps work, how to choose the right wrap for your application, and the cost savings you can expect.

Why Does Home Energy Efficiency Matter?

Nearly 22% of the total energy use in the US is attributed to homes and the majority of that usage is due to HVAC operation. As energy prices rise and resources become scarcer, it’s up to every household to conserve and reduce. Insulation in the form of a foundation wall wrap can help your family accomplish these energy conservation goals.

What Are Foundation Wall Wraps?

In basic terms, a foundation wall wrap is a flexible membrane that’s been reinforced. It’s designed to be used either under a new concrete floor or over existing walls. This vapor barrier will prevent seepage from damaging your concrete walls and floor by directing it into a drain.

How Foundation Wall Wraps Contribute to Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

A properly sealed foundation will resist moisture as well as contribute to the comfort of your home. When the basement area is sealed, you’ll notice a distinct difference in the warmth, as well as fewer drafts. This is, in part due to air locking capabilities of the wrap and the fact that any minor cracks are covered.

The Science Behind Foundation Wall Wraps and Energy Efficiency

Your foundation may be out of sight for the most part, but it shouldn’t be out of mind. In fact, your foundation and basement need special attention.

How Foundation Walls Affect Energy Efficiency

Despite its strength and durability, concrete provides very little insulation. In fact, a 12 inch thick wall only provides an R value of 2, which is far below code requirements for insulation. This is why your basement area feels so cold, even in the hot summer months.

How Foundation Wall Wraps Work to Insulate Homes

Keeping your home comfortable and warm can be a challenge in Boston, but wrapping your concrete foundation will help dramatically. This simple technique involves covering the porous surface of the concrete with a vapor and moisture barrier. The result is a warmer space with fewer drafts and lower moisture.

The Role of Air and Vapor Barriers in Energy Efficiency

A foundation wall wrap seals out cold air and moisture and makes your basement area feel warmer. This, in turn, helps keep your entire home warmer without having to turn the heat up. In addition, by blocking out moisture, the foundation wall wrap helps control humidity levels.

The Benefits of Insulated Foundation Walls for Energy Efficiency

Perhaps the biggest benefit of insulating your foundation walls is that you’ll see a significant change in your energy use. Not only that, but you’ll also find that your basement and the rest of your home are more comfortable.

Choosing the Right Foundation Wall Wrap for Energy Efficiency

As you can see, foundation wall wrap is a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency, but what wall wrap is right for your application? Here are a few things to consider.

Different Types of Foundation Wall Wraps Available

You may be surprised to learn that there are three types of foundation wraps that are typically used in Boston. Blind-side and positive-side wraps are used in new construction and negative-side wraps are used in both new and existing construction. Regardless of the type, foundation wraps must be continuous and watertight.

Foundation Wall Wrap Materials for Energy Efficiency

A simple designed air gap foundation wrap is among the most commonly used wrap today. It’s designed to create an air gap between the wrap and the foundation. We use Flexi-Seal, which is a reinforced flexible membrane. This 14mm antimicrobial vapor barrier is used to prevent moisture from seeping through floors and walls of all kinds

The Importance of Proper Installation for Optimal Energy Efficiency

Unprotected foundation walls can result in a less comfortable home and higher utility bills. Your furnace will have to work harder in the winter and your AC will strain in the summer. Insulating your basement can help keep your home from being too hot or cold without having to invest in new HVAC equipment.

Realize Cost Savings with Foundation Wall Wraps

If you’re tired of paying high heating and cooling bills, foundation wall wraps may well be the answer. Just some of the ways your budget will benefit include:

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Installing foundation wall wraps in your basement can help reduce energy use to heat and cool your home without sacrificing your comfort. You may even be able to lower the thermostat and still stay comfy, even in the coldest weather.

Energy Tax Credits for Energy-Efficient Upgrades

You may be able to qualify for rebates and credits through the IRS for installing foundation wall wraps in your home. Massachusetts also offers some of the most generous tax incentives and rebates in the country for energy-efficient upgrades.

Get Foundation Wall Wraps for Your Boston Home

Now that you understand how foundation wall wraps can benefit you and your home, call the professionals at Drycrete Waterproofing for a free quote for installation. We have decades of experience and our employees are the best in the business. Check out some of our previous work for yourself. You can count on us to properly install your foundation wraps for maximum benefit.

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