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The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Primer and How to Use It

We bet you have faced these–base does not stay put for as long as you need, your pores seem even more enlarged with cosmetics and your skin looks like a greasy pan. Why your skin is in desperate need of a Foundation Face Primer For Sale Online! Not only will this solve the aforementioned problems but it will also make certain your foundation makeup finish looks picture perfect.

Do Not overlook the Eyes

Now that your skin looks like it has been through an Instagram filter IRL, where else if you’re using the magic potion that’s primer? Why, your eyes, obviously. Consider it: What is worse than making a perfect masterpiece on your eyes, just to have it crease, fade or smudge only an hour or so later? Nothing. Eye primer is fast and easy to swipe and makes a major difference from the pigment and durability of your shadow.

What Is Eye Primer?

In brief, eyeshadow primer is a liquid- or cream-based product that’s used on the eyelids to create shadows and eyeliner go on smoother and last longer. It functions as a double-sided tape of sorts that grips to your eyeshadow and cosmetics, which makes it last longer and making sure it sticks to your lids and does not ramble. In addition, it can help enhance your cosmetics colors and make them brighter.

But not all primers work for all skin types

Just like we’ve lashes for various skin types, primers to target various skin issues while performing the job of layering. So, if you are wondering which primer to decide on, here is a guide that can allow you to make a call.

If you have dry skin

You know how oily skin women envy you because your skin is not an oil well but you understand your troubles once your foundation appears patchy AF and tells the world the story of your skin that is debatable. This is the reason you require a primer. You should rely on a single that hydrates, one which has a creamy texture so that your skin looks dewy before you apply your makeup. Bear in mind that you’re not fighting enlarged pores, you are fighting flaky skin and just a hydrating primer may save your skin type.

If you have oily skin

A primer can be magical for your skin–it’ll cover your enlarged pores and be sure that the oiliness from the skin has vanished. Consider it like this–with no primer, even a matte base could wind up looking oily eventually because a primer will make certain that your base sets right and stays in place when looking matte for the remainder of the day.

If you have combination skin

You’ve got the worst of the worlds–your T-zone is fatty while the rest of your face is dry. You are combating both fatty and a dry skin type at the same time. Naturally then, finding the correct primer for your skin type may be a tiny task. What you need is a primer that does not mattify, does not overtly hydrate–search for something in between which will just simply help your makeup glide on flawlessly.

If you have sensitive skin

You want a correcting primer using a green pigment that helps your skin. Why green? So, try to find a primer that is green–something which won’t just prime your skin but also let your base stay on for as long as you desire.

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