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Timber Ceiling Battens: Why Should You Use Timber Ceiling?

Timber battens are strips inserted between two surfaces or components of a structure to provide space. They may also be utilised as a supplementary framework to fix a surface. Although these materials may be used to construct many different parts of a house, roofing is where they are most frequently applied, such as walls, floors, and timber ceiling battens.

Ceiling battens offer a room a substantial linear character by contrasting their straight lines with the wood’s inherent variety of colours. Additionally, they provide designers with a great deal of flexibility, simplicity in installation, and a variety of finishing options to aid in the realisation of their ideas.

Reasons Why You Should Use Timber Ceiling  

Battens are frequently utilised in a variety of locations, including ceilings. If you’re thinking about modernising your home and making structural improvements, you should certainly consider replacing your roof. The best option for you may be a metal roof and timber ceiling battens if you decide to have a new roof.

Here are some reasons why you should consider timber battens for your ceiling:

  1. Plasterboard Is Kept Safe And Secure.

Plasterboard is sometimes used to make a roof appear uniform and smooth. The benefit of roof and ceiling battens is that they keep them safe and protected because plasterboard can be mounted to the metal battens.

Metal battens also provide exceptional grip for plasterboard and shield it from fractures and cracks. Additionally, plasterboard is simpler to work with when cutting straight edges to fit against the metal battens’ straight edges.

  1. The Ceiling Is Always Flat.

In the long run, metal battens maintain their form. Metal battens can flatten a bumpy or uneven ceiling, bringing it to its original level. Your home will look more attractive as a result. Beams made of wood may also swell due to water damage or distort with time.

  1. No Shrinkage Issues At All.

Wooden battens can experience shrinking over time, which is an issue. The atmosphere may cause wood to warp or alter. The high tensile material used to make metal roof and ceiling battens allow them to maintain their shape and remain in the location in which they are installed.

  1. Minimal Maintenance.

Additionally, metal battens need relatively little upkeep. With wood, you would frequently need to repair rotten beams and battens. Once fitted, metal battens won’t need to be changed for many years, saving you both time and money.

  1. Durable.

The ceiling and roof battens are made of metal, which is highly strong. Extreme weather conditions like rain, humidity, or intense sunshine do not affect them. Additionally, they are rust-proof, rot-free, and fire-resistant.

  1. Easy And Quick Installation.

For safety reasons, it is not a good idea to remain inside your home while work is done on your roof. However, leaving your home while work is being done may be pretty inconvenient. Because metal battens are quick and straightforward to install, you spend less time away from home. Because of their curled safety edges, metal battens are also simple to store and safer to install.

  1. A Wise Financial Commitment.

You don’t get substantial house renovations and structural upgrades every day. If you put in the effort, you want to ensure that whatever improvements you make endure for a long time. Metal battens for the ceiling and roof are an excellent long-term investment. The cost of supplies and installation may be more up front, but the battens won’t need to be changed for up to 50 years. You won’t need to perform any pricey repairs or maintenance tasks.

  1. Increase Soundproofing.

Metal battens are the best choice for a calm, serene home. Battens for the roof and ceiling provide an additional layer of soundproofing since sound waves cannot pass through the material. You may also use metal ceiling battens to prevent sound from transferring between your home’s ground and upper levels.

  1. Choices And Varieties.

There are several options for where to utilise metal battens. Both inside the home and on the roof, you may use them. Metal battens come in a variety of sizes and forms as well. Additionally, many materials, metal grades and coatings are available.

Investments are required for both structural and home renovations. Once the renovations are over, you want to be able to relax, knowing that your home is safe and sound and that you won’t need to worry about making any more changes for a very long time.


Battens provide a sense of solidity to the building. They lessen the effect of noise and timbre shrinkage on the plasterboard and the timber when used in ceilings. Moreover, homeowners can save money and time on repairs since they require less upkeep and guarantee the roof stays level. Timber ceiling battens are hence necessary for every home.

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