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Top 3 Advantages of Living in Phoenix

Phoenix is a polarizing city unlike any other in the USA.  Once you visit, you either want to move there immediately, or you get homesick within hours.  Being in this desert city can leave some feeling like they’re in a different world because of the attitudes and aesthetics that will greet you just coming off of the plane.  Here are the top three advantages you can gain from living in Phoenix, and why you should pick it as where you move to!


The Entertainment Is Year-Round

Depending on what you find entertaining, there’s almost always something new to see or do, from countless sports arenas and fields that get put to good use to local theaters putting on original performances, and even golf for those who want to take it a little slower.


You can plan your social calendar month to month based on the seasons and possibly get to know the area a little better through this.


If you ever get tired of the city, you can sneak away from your Phoenix real estate and enjoy the endless open wonders of desert walking tours.  Unless you’re used to the heat, or you’ve done this plenty of times before, avoid trying to take a tour unguided. Otherwise, they’re a ton of fun.


The Winters The Snowbirds Crave

We all know about snowbirds; these older people come down from the North when the weather seems to get colder.  These people often settle in Tucson or Phoenix for the season and then go back once the ice starts to melt away.  Luckily, if you move to Phoenix, you’ll never have to deal with escaping snow!  Although Arizona can get cold and overcast, it’s hot for the most part, and you will have more perfect-weather days than not.


Unfortunately, this does mean that Phoenix has an uncomfortably high number of tourists year-round, but luckily you can choose to ignore them.  Many snowbirds are fun and exciting people, though.  If you can give them a chance, you may forge new and unexpected friendships.


Endless Views Through Art And Nature

Phoenix is often referred to as sitting in the middle of a dessert.  This description isn’t entirely wrong since it’s surrounded by endless sand and heat.  Luckily for residents here, the sand and the mountains that accompany it are more beautiful than any oceanside view.  The locals took this feeling and ran with it, creating art in so many forms that give back to the area that inspired them.  From the Desert Botanical Garden to Heard Museum, visitors and locals alike are almost always in awe while looking at what creative endeavors spring up for the Arizona sand.


Phoenix may be polarizing, but that’s not a bad thing.  A city that can impact you like that is a city that you’ll want to go back to and confirm what you think.  Living in Phoenix is even better, as long as you don’t try to trick yourself into forgetting the heat.  The heat is as intense and all-encompassing as it is soothing and freeing from the trappings of winter.

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