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Top Tips to Take with You when Shopping for Your Granite Countertop Slab

When you are designing a custom kitchen or bathroom, countertops are one of the most important decor choices. Next to the walls and cabinetry, they represent one of the largest surfaces in the space. If you want to ensure that your room truly represents your style, you need to spend more than a few minutes choosing the quartz or granite for the countertops. Shop smarter using these simple tips for an enduring design that you will love for years.

Shop Granite and Quartz Slabs Not Samples

It is so tempting to order all the finishes for your Lima, OH kitchen in one place. However, even a wall display of foot-square samples of granite and quartz at the DIY home center won’t show you exactly what you will get for your countertop. Every piece of stone is completely unique. Even if the slab used for your project is cut from the same quarry as the sample on the wall, it can significantly differ in tone and texture. The only way to know exactly what granite or quartz will be used for you is to select an entire slab at a local custom countertop showroom.

Married to Marble? Keep an Open Mind to Find the Perfect Stone

Did you see a home improvement show that featured a dramatic marble countertop in dark gray? Many types of stone can produce a similar appearance. A reputable stone shop will work directly with you to find the match you are looking for. You never know, the extensive inventory may lead you in another direction, so keep your options open.

Talk to the Experts Regarding the Ease of Care for Your Custom Countertops

Perhaps you are convinced that a quartzite countertop is the way to go due to its incredibly hard surface, but are worried about the work associated with sealing. An experienced stone sales associate will show you a variety of products designed to maintain that beautiful shine and seal that only take a minute or two every day. Some products are as simple as spray, wipe, and let dry after you are done with the kitchen for the day.

Love that Veining? Ask About Cuts to Save the Best Parts of the Granite Countertop

Selecting a slab of granite is a bit like choosing a piece of art for your living room. Sometimes it is more than the consistent pebbled appearance that grabs your attention. There may be a dramatic vein running right through the middle. When the slab is cut down for your counters, what happens to that feature? Ask the salesperson to show you exactly where cuts will be made before you buy. The pros will show you where that feature will appear on the finished counter and may suggest adding a second slab to preserve that lovely veining.

Explore all the possibilities for a custom countertop near Lima, OH by visiting the professionals at the Legacy Marble & Granite showroom in Findlay, OH. They are always happy to help new clients learn all about stone while shopping their Huge selection of slabs in granite, quartz, and other trending surfaces.

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