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What Are the Benefits of Becoming A Mason?

You’ll get from it what you put into it. It all depends on your perception, attitude, interests and time. Freemasonry isn’t about “What can I get?”. We’re an organization that supports and respects charity, compassion, extending a hand to the fallen, mending the broken, healing the sick, protecting the defenseless, lifting the feeble, personal spiritual growth and each man’s individual pursuit for a greater understanding and his relationship with “God”. That having been said, there many, many advantages to becoming a Knights Templar Uniform For Sale. To list them all would be difficult as each individual gets many diverse things in various ways from being part of the brotherhood. There are so many facets, clubs, social orders and aspects to our business that the benefits can cover everything from interacting, learning new skills, finding a new job to spiritual development. Below is a general list of some basic “advantages”:

Fellowship & Brotherhood: We aren’t a lot of boring guys! We help one another “get through life”, even if that’s only a simple helping hand or somebody to speak to.

A Place Where Every Person Is Treated as Equal: Knight Templar Regalia Supplies is a brotherhood that treats all men as equal, irrespective of social standing, race, religion, political views or financial standing. Being a member of this fraternity, it is possible to walk into any lodge in the world and no matter your social status, economic status, or spiritual path and be treated with the same respect and equality as everybody else at the lodge.

Be Part of The World’s Largest Charitable Organization: Being a part here in the USA, you are automatically part of a charity organization that provides two Million Dollars Per Day to charity.

Contribute to Charities by Being A Member: By joining a lodge and paying your annual dues, even if you rarely visit a meeting, you’re contributing a part of your membership dues to charities which Masonic Lodges support.

Locate Some Local Charity Outlets: Want to put something back into your community and help others but do not know where to go or how? Masonic Lodges can be found in every area of each city. Each one has local charities which it supports to help build stronger communities through volunteer work, donating food, clothes and other items to people in need.

Religious Free Zone: According to other sections of this site, Freemasonry isn’t a religion nor is it based on any particular religion. It is morals and ‘teachings’ are compatible with any faith upholding strong moral values. Religion and religious beliefs aren’t discussed in lodge meetings or at a lodge.

Be part of History: there’s so much rich, interesting and detailed history behind the oldest and largest fraternity in the world! By becoming a brother, you’re a part of the history and it becomes a part of who you are! Moving to a different city/state or even state? Be being a member, you can immediately have a social/community network & brotherhood simply by finding a lodge.

Spirituality: Although we’re not a religious organization, the ancient system of Freemasonry can be used with any religion and contains esoteric wisdom and spiritual/moral teachings that bring about positive change and encourage each man to develop himself spiritually and morally so he can have a deeper relationship with himself, his family, his community, his friends and “God” (whatever spiritual route he follows).

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