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What Is A Snake Fence?

The you might have heard people chattering about something called a “snake fence”.

They’re not talking about a fence made of snakes.

So what is a snake fence?

It’s a fence made for snakes. It’s meant to keep them out of certain areas, most commonly, your property.

Snake fences can take a few different forms. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about them.

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What Is A Snake Fence?

A snake fence is a specialized type of fencing (made of wire mesh or hardware cloth) designed to keep snakes out of a specific area.

The most common uses for snake fences are to exclude serpentine predators like rat snakes from chicken coops. They also help make a barrier around homes to keep rattlesnakes away from pets and kids.

Not all snake fences are the same. One of the most popular and effective types is ¼” wire mesh. Once installed, these are surprisingly efficient in excluding a wide variety of species.

But these barriers are not effective at excluding all types of snakes.

This is mainly because most snake fences are designed with rattlesnakes in mind. But not all species are as big and heavy. And juvenile rattlesnakes are also much smaller, but still dangerous.

Do Snake Fences Work?

Snake fences are among the most effective exclusion methods for managing snake populations in or near your property. They are a natural way to keep snakes away.

They are far more effective than snake repellents. Does snake repellent work at all? It can, but it is usually not consistent. Fences are a better bet.

Of course, your experience with the fence and the level of success (“success” meaning it keeps snakes out of the protected area) you achieve by installing it will heavily depend on a few things.


There are many different ways to install a snake fence. Ideally, you should bury the lower portions of the wire mesh at least 6″ into the ground at a 30° outward angle, because snakes will often enter buildings from underneath. Failing to do so will likely lower your success rate.

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Available Prey

Suppose you have lots of snacks (AKA, rodents, or other small critters) scurrying around your property. If so, nearby snakes will be far more motivated to gain entry.

Clearing the area of these prey species will improve your chances of keeping snakes out for good.

How To Make Sure A Snake Fence Works

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your snake fence works according to plan. We’ve already covered one key: burying the bottom 6″ of the wire mesh in the soil. (This is in addition to attaching the mesh to an existing fence or structure.)

Burying this bottom portion ensures that sneaky snakes can’t get into the chicken coop by sneaking up from the ground.

In addition to this precaution, there are three more things you can do to ensure that your fence fulfills its intended purpose.

Snake Fence: Final Thoughts

A wire mesh snake fence can be very effective in keeping snakes away from a certain area. If you live in a region with many snakes and you have problems with them entering your property, a correctly installed snake fence can change that.

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