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What makes a cake so special that everyone loves it?

Are you looking for inspiration for a birthday cake that will not only taste great, but also look great? Cakes are a popular dessert for many occasions and usually not only their appearance but also their taste adapts to it. Currently, there are many types of cake molds available that allow you to bake cakes in various sizes and shapes. At present, a large number of fillings, tasty toppings and confectionery materials  – marzipan, fondant and others – are available for coating and decorating cakes.

The dough for the cake body is usually baked whole in cake molds of various shapes. After baking, the dough is cut into slices. These slices are then most often glued together with jam or cream to achieve a layered appearance of the cake body. There are a large number of types of cake dough, from sponge and snow to non-traditional carrot to unbaked cake dough.

Cakes by occasion

Cakes are prepared for various occasions, most often like

  • bridal
  • birthday
  • children’s
  • special for various non-traditional occasions
  • common

Cakes can be low or high, they can have several differently sized floors – these cakes are designed primarily for weddings and various important anniversaries. Due to the many shapes and sizes of cake molds currently available, it is possible to adapt the basic corpus appearance. Birthday cake delivery in Jagraon is often filled with candles, the number of which corresponds to the age of the birthday party. At an older age, the number of candles out of respect for the birthday deliberately decreases – one candle symbolizes 10 years of life.

Cakes according to the fillings used

Cake fillings have different tastes, consistencies and aromas depending on the ingredients used. The fillings for the cakes are

  • chocolate
  • butter – cream
  • whipped cream
  • fruity
  • walnut

The preparation of the cake filling is not complicated in most cases, but it is necessary to use quality ingredients and, of course, follow the recommended procedures. An easier and faster option is to use prepared fillings that already have an excellent taste, pleasant aroma and ideal consistency. The filling content should correspond to the taste of the icing.

Cakes by type of icing

The icing determines the final appearance of the cake and its taste should match the filling. Cake toppings are

  • chocolate
  • fondant
  • marzipan
  • caramel
  • butter – cream

When preparing icing for cakes, you need to use quality ingredients and follow procedures. A faster and easier way is to use prepared toppings that have a perfect consistency and excellent taste.

Wedding Cake

While so far we have dealt with ordinary cakes, which you can buy at almost every step, in the end we will introduce you to a completely different cake “super project”. It is called tiered cake and it is a majestic French cake that is prepared at festive events, especially weddings. A tiered cake resembles a special confectionery pyramid, as it consists of dozens of small pinwheels (profiteroles) made of batter, which are filled with egg yolk cream and decorated on the surface with crunchy caramel or chocolate.


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