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What Should You Know Before Buying A Woodchipper?

With the timber industry expected to develop at an accelerating rate in the coming decades, heavy machinery for this industry is prevalent throughout the United States. This is an excellent opportunity for large-scale tree maintenance firms and more minor contract workers to invest in new machinery to increase revenue—specifically, chip trucks, grapple trucks, and timber bucket trucks.

Everyone has a substantially different use in tree pruning and clearance operations, and the machinery you must use depends on the type of task you want to accomplish. You’ll have to engage in a chip truck when you like to chop down and chip fallen branches and trees for simple disposal. However, before buying a woodchipper, learn about this equipment.

What Is A Woodchipper?

A woodchipper is a machine that creates pieces out of tree branches, trunks, and limbs. They enable cleanup following vegetation upkeep to be much easier. Trucks could handle a considerably larger load after the timber has been degraded in this manner. Therefore, a wood chipper dramatically reduces the time, personnel, and money necessary to accomplish a forestry task.

Furthermore, woodchippers are movable and wheeled, allowing them to be trailed behind chip trucks, which function in tandem. An internal-combustion engine produces power ranging from 3 to 1,000 horsepower. A higher-grade chipper capable of large-scale handling operations could be placed on trucks. These versions often have a hydraulic crane.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Woodchipper?

If you need a woodchipper, make sure to learn about this equipment.


Smaller machines may accommodate pieces of timber with a size of 2-3 inches. Commercial-sized equipment could manage parts as big as 160 inches.

Blade Quality

According to popular thinking, higher blades in the chipping chamber equals more chipping power. However, if the quality of a single blade is much higher, it may outperform numerous blades. Make sure to get assistance from a professional industrial equipment supplier.


Smaller devices for home usage often include an electric motor. However, professional machinery will be fueled by gasoline. As a result, the benefits of using an electric chipper, such as cheaper maintenance, fume-free functioning, and lower cost, are inapplicable to purchasers who want a commercial or industrial-sized device to tackle large-scale projects.

Other Features To Consider

  • Tilt-down hoppers
  • Integrated collecting bins
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Forward discharge chutes
  • Drawbars for towing

Why Is It Better To Buy Than Rent?

You might believe that purchasing a woodchipper would be unreasonably costly. However, several smaller machines are around the same price as a snow blower or lawnmower. This tiny machine is suitable for brushing heaps but not for trimming tree limbs. A bigger machine that could handle three-inch-diameter timber is much more expensive but cheaper than renting comparable equipment for a month. When you decide to purchase a woodchipper, there is an extensive range of electric and gas versions available online, in home improvement retailers, and from an industrial equipment supplier. In addition, in most situations, the type of your choice may be delivered to your doorstep.

Pros Of Buying A Woodchipper

  • The initial expenditures are higher, but they will be offset when you often employ the instrument.
  • You are in charge of keeping the tool and will need a location to keep it.
  • You must choose a single tool that could fulfil all of your requirements.

How To Choose A Truck To Complement Your Woodchipper?

Woodchippers, combined with chip trucks, transport chipping loads to a disposal site. These vehicles are made up of a chassis and an enclosed dumping container. To load the dumping body, the container features an entrance at the bottom of the rear wall, which the wood chipper’s funnel may be pointed towards. They assist in recycling wood chips, including pressed wood, biofuel, compost, mulch, and others, by shipping the gathered chips offsite.

Evaluate the geographical region in which you will operate while buying a chip truck. When you are working in town, for instance, a smaller vehicle makes more sense for mobility. The quantity you choose will be determined by the number of tasks you anticipate completing. Smaller chip trucks consume less gasoline than larger ones. However, a bigger vehicle could be required to decrease trips back and forth when your dump place is far enough. If you do not know how to choose a truck for your woodchipper, seek help from an expert industrial equipment supplier.

What Are the Safety Tips When Using A Chipper Truck? 

Industrial chippers are robust devices that may cause catastrophic accidents when not handled or appropriately fed. Here are a few safety considerations to keep in mind at all times:

  • Do not bring in a little more tree material than the equipment could handle at one time. It will not speed up the task, and the high-speed blade may force the excess material back, possibly hurting the worker.
  • Check for metal, boulders, stones, and other foreign objects in the tree material you’re putting into the chipper. These have the potential to bounce off the blades and strike the user.
  • Use caution while placing your hands near the hopper’s mouth. If required, utilise a long branch to shove the stuff in.
  • Whenever dealing with a chipper, use safety gear to protect your head, eyes, and hands. Wear no loose clothing that might be sucked into the equipment.


Utilising a woodchipper has various advantages over other techniques for removing unwanted wood. These advantages may include methods to assist your flowers or plants in thriving in your yard, as well as being utilised in the construction of furnishings and other commodities, as well as Biofuels. These advantages might be compelling reasons to invest in a woodchipper instead of conventional ways of removing downed trees from your property.

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