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What to do on a fun-packed weekend at Acadia National park?

Maine has a way of catching the fancy of the enterprising traveler. Perhaps it’s because the natural world feels more raw, savage, and romantic in this remote part of New England. As you all know, Maine is one of America’s most valued assets, from the sunrise-view mountaintops and thundering waves of Acadia National Park to the gorgeous harbor of Camden and the burst of color that fills the forests and mountains every fall.

Action Tour Guide is all set to take you on the roads that lead you to the delicious lobster, picturesque towns, fishing villages, and countless hiking trails, and don’t be shocked if you leave a piece of your heart behind.

Travel Acadia National Park with an expert in your pocket!

With the GPS-Navigated Action Tour guide, you can connect to all of Acadia National Park’s best and mind-blowing sites. The action tour guide app may be your guide whether you’re at home planning your next vacation or in the park looking for your following path. Action Tour Guide combines accurate park ranger information with a fantastic set of features that function both online and offline.

Seven Spots and Things that can make every adventure lover shed tears of joy:

The action Tour guide has the feature of describing offline tours to guide you ahead because cell phone signal is very limited in Acadia. Keep your adventure going by downloading the app before you head out.

  • Park Loop Road

According to the action tour guide, the main drive-through is the best method to obtain a thorough tour of the park’s landscapes, sights, and natural wonders. Several pull-offs throughout the 27-mile road give photo opportunities; however, traffic will be heavy in the summer.

The GPS-enabled map not only tells you where you are in the park but also provides sites of interest, roads, trails, and other details to help you plan your journey.

  • Carriage Roads

Because the roads are set up in a series of loops, you may pick practically any distance and return to where you started. Eagle Lake, Jordan Pond, and Bubble Pond are all good entry locations, although you may find that other access spots are less congested. In Bar Harbor, Northeast Harbor, or Southwest Harbor, your Action Tour guide can help you rent bicycles.

The action tour guide is like having a ranger at your side to help you plan your trip by suggesting places to visit, ways to get there, and activities to do once you are at Carriage Road.

  • Cadillac Mountain

It is noted for its spectacular sunrises, and from late fall to early spring, it is the first location in the region to see the dawn, but having an early start won’t ensure seclusion. Sunsets are very popular, and the top is noted for being an excellent site to see hawks in the fall. The road is accessible 24 hours a day, and in mid-August, the barren peak is a great site to look for meteors. The offline guide will lead you toward the lengthier South Ridge Trail, a 3.5-mile trek with a sequence of outstanding vistas that begins at the Blackwoods Campground entrance.

  • Thunder Hole

The abyss of Thunder Hole, where a tiny grotto has developed just beneath the surface of the sea, is perhaps the most dramatic spot in Acadia National Park. As the waves retreat, they make room for air to enter the cave, so when the next wave slams into the aperture, it collides with the air and forces it out with a loud boom. The small and sometimes not so small details may make or break your stay. The Action Tour guide is always at your side, telling you where you should stay and where you must precisely follow the directions to avoid the risks.

  • Jordan Pond House and Nature Trail

The Action Tour guide suggests stopping at the Asticou Inn in Northeast Harbor, directly beside the magnificent Ascitou Azalea Gardens, to experience this historic Acadia tradition, which began in 1893, in a less chaotic and more elegant environment. The inn owns the Jordan Pond House’s unique popover recipe, and it is served with wild blueberry jam at well-spaced tables overlooking the gardens and port.

  • Cruises and Boat Tours

Lunch cruises across the islands of Blue Hill Bay to the offshore fishing community of Frenchboro, nature cruises with lots of seal watching, and ferries to both Frenchboro and Swans Island are all available from Bass Harbor. The app offers a fully accessible experience with tools to benefit visitors with accessibility needs so that you can go deep-sea fishing from Southwest Harbor, cruise to Cranberry Island from Northeast harbor, and sail on a Friendship sloop from either one.

  • Moderate Hikes: Beech Mountain and Great Head Trail

The Great Head Trail, which runs through an evergreen forest along sea cliffs, appears to be the epitome of the Maine coast. From that elevation, there are incredible vistas, and in September, birders flock here to witness migrating hawks and raptors. The GPS-enabled map not only indicates the most amazing places to trek but also gives outstanding head routes and other information to help you get the most out of Acadia’s beachy mountains.

What do you want to do more in Acadia? Hike the challenging Carriage Roads? Join Kayaking, Canoeing, and Sailing? Experience Blackwoods Campgrounds?

The offline tour guides of our app are ready to tell you what’s happening in there and give you news about events for all parks—or just Acadia.

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