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Witnessing Snowfall in Shimla – A Winter Paradise

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved experiencing snowfalls. Even now that I am a grown-up, nothing has changed, and the idea of nestling up in a blanket, sipping piping hot coffee, and watching the snow-capped mountains still fascinates me. So last year, during the Christmas vacation, I decided to take a break from my hectic work life in Chandigarh and planned a quick getaway to Shimla with my girl gang. Since the pandemic scare is not over yet, we did not want to take public transport and decided to book a private car rental in Chandigarh with an experienced driver.

Our drive to Shimla was quick, and the rejuvenating panoramas of lofty Himalayas were simply breathtaking. As soon as we entered the town, the Queen of Hills welcomed us with spectacular landscapes, bustling markets, colossal mountains, and pleasant weather. Every place here looked so surreal that we couldn’t keep our excitement and headed straight to explore the town and have fun in the snow quickly after checking in at our hotel. Here are some glimpses of my fun-filled trip to Shimla during the snowfall.

A snowy escape to Kurfi

Famously known as the ‘Snow Resort’, Kurfi was the first attraction we visited during our Shimla trip. Situated approximately 2,622 meters above sea level in the foothills of the magnificent Himalayas, Kurfi gets reborn into a fantasy with snowfalls.

The elevated canyons of this quaint hill town turn ethereally white during the snowfall in winters, offering some of the most captivating panoramas. Apart from glimpsing the scenic vistas of the Kurfi town, we further indulged in ice skiing here, which was unquestionably the most surreal experience of my life.

Snow hiking at Narkanda

Located approximately 60 km from Shimla, the cozy town of Narkanda is the most mesmerizing place we visited during our Shimla sightseeing trip. During the snowy winters, the fascinating beauty of this vibrant hill town manifolds with snow-capped mountains that get transformed into a skiing destination.

Also, it is an ideal getaway for people like me who want to unwind in a peaceful and serene location. In addition to the glorious magnificence, Narkanda is also a perfect choice amongst skiing lovers as the inclines of the Narkanda are ideal for seasoned and beginner skiers.

After a fun-filled skiing experience, we went on a trekking expedition at Hatu Peak. Here we glimpsed the snow-covered apple and cherry orchards dotting its lush hills add to its visual allure, making it a perfect place to click pictures for the Instagram feed.

Magical, snow-laden hills at Rohru

Located on the banks of the serene Pabbar River, the scenic town of Rohru is one of the hidden gems to witness snow in and around Shimla. During the winter snowfall, the Rohru town experiences heavy snow and offers stunning vistas of the snow-capped peaks that are indeed a magical sight to behold. Since this unexplored area in Shimla remains less crowded, we thoroughly enjoyed a fun time in the snow and indulged in thrilling fishing and camping activities.

The dense vegetation, tranquil surroundings, splendid vistas, snow-capped mountains, and delightful weather gave us the perfect holiday experience in Shimla. So if you are planning a quick winter getaway to the hills, Shimla is the ideal place to be. Pack your bags, book affordable car rental in Chandigarh and embark on a snowy journey this winter.



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