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Wood Brushing: What Exactly Is It?

Brushed wood is usually offered as one of the options while building furniture or a table. However, if you are wondering, what does wood brushing mean? then you have come to the right spot. Here in this guide, we have provided a detailed glimpse of the details of wood brushing.

There are some ins and outs associated with wood brushing. These details will help you understand what you are getting into when you think of getting your wooden stuff brushed. Without further ado, let’s dive deep into the details.

1.      What Is Brushing Wood?

Not many people might have heard of the concept of brushing wood. You might think that brushing wood is something of a standard procedure done at the stores to give a better touch to the wooden furniture. However, this is not the case. You can even get the oak brushed in case you want it brushed. But brushing wood is beyond the idea that a few professionals give the services of manually bruising the wood with the brushes. Instead, wood brushing involves a state-of-the-art brushing machine having a brush of no less than 140 cm wide to perform the job for you.

2.      Why brush your Furniture?

While brushing, normally, the ultra-thin soft top layer of the wood gets removed during the process. As a consequence of the top layer removal, the wood grains start becoming more visible which looks beautiful. This phenomenon is referred to as the grain pattern of the wood. This always gives a unique and more evident look.

The benefits associated with brushing wood are multiple. But one main advantage is that such furniture, like a tabletop, becomes less sensitive to scratches. This happens because the item becomes smooth. The outer appearance is always something that matters so it must be both nice as well as natural.

3.      Cons

It is always good to see the negative side of everything before making any final decision. Therefore the disadvantages of wood brushing are something that will give you a transparent idea. While brushing extremely small knots might be pulled open. Due to the furniture or the tabletop which is in the paint shop, their surface still feels the same.

However, the only difference is associated with the visual. Besides that, differences can also result from brushed and unbrushed wood. This happened due to what we call pigment absorption. The color absorption of brushed furniture might be slightly less potent as compared to the non-brushed counterpart.

4.      Advice on brushing and oak

It is natural to be confused while making any decision for which you have less knowledge. The same is the case here with getting your wooden items brushed or not. The decision-making becomes even more tough when there are multiple combinations with the selection of the wood. At such a point get all the necessary knowledge about the oak wood to get an idea of all the possibilities. Moreover, you can always seek the advice of an expert as well.

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