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Yacht Trips with Children in Barcelona

What a pleasure it is to take a yacht ride! The journey leaves a flurry of positive emotions and a sea of new impressions for both big and little conquerors of the Mediterranean Sea! It’s a universal entertainment, bringing children and adults into indescribable delight. Embarking on a sea voyage, be ready for new impressions that will be gifted to you by meeting your favorite city – you will be able to look at familiar streets and buildings from an entirely different perspective.

The “Barcelona Boat Rental” company’s website presents a large selection of boats that can offer you a sea of new impressions. Here you can rent a boat in Marina Vela or in Port Olimpic. Fast motorboats are suitable for trips with children. Sailboats with a smooth course are recommended for romantic walks. On the contrary, children will like the speed, splashes, and swift chorus of the ship.

The yacht is controlled by professionals in their field, who have extensive experience in navigation and all necessary permissions. The water walk is absolutely safe. In case of an emergency, the team will take all necessary measures to resolve the arising issue.

When choosing a yacht, pay attention to the type of vessel and the number of seats. Sailboats have a smoother course – this feature makes them an excellent solution for a romantic walk and photoshoot.

In the comfortable cabins, you can relax or wait out bad weather. The vessels are equipped to European standards. Before each voyage, all nodes and units are checked by the team of regular specialists.

Available yachts can be viewed on the “Barcelona Boat Rental” company’s website. In addition to high-quality photos, the description indicates the cost of the walk and rental. Perhaps you want to give a boat trip to friends or relatives who have children? In this case, the easiest way is to buy a gift certificate! Variants of different denominations are on sale (from 300 to 2000 euros).

How Much Does a Boat Trip with Children Cost?

Prices depend on the rental period (no less than 1 hour). The longer the trip lasts, the more beneficial the journey will be. On average, the cost of rent in Barcelona is 250 euros per hour.

Prices depend on the number of seats, class, and type of yacht. Additional services, such as a photoshoot, are paid separately.

Do you want to give yourself and your children a sea of positive emotions, and have a good rest on a comfortable boat? Then just choose a vessel and book for a certain date and time! The children will be simply delighted, and you can also expect a flurry of positive emotions from a water walk.

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