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Your Guide To Virtual Event Planning

In recent years, virtual events have become mainstream, and as such, event creators greatly depend on them. In fact, many companies enjoy a great deal of success hosting virtual events for a variety of reasons. These events can help engage customers, increase retention rates, generate leads, and help you raise awareness of your company as an industry leader. Lastly, you can significantly reduce event costs by choosing to host a virtual one anywhere in the world!

This guide will offer a comprehensive look at online virtual events from start to finish. We will start with the basic advantages of virtual events and finish with our tips on how to host a wholly successful one.

The following advice will allow you to plan your event adequately at every stage while ensuring that you market it properly and present it well.

What Are Virtual Events?

Virtual events are exactly as their name implies— events hosted solely online. There are many examples of these events, such as:

  • Webinars
  • Masterclasses
  • Seminars
  • Demos
  • Celebrity Q&As
  • Trade shows
  • Conferences
  • Company gatherings

Online events are often intimate and allow brand presenters to interact with consumers directly. This wholly personalized approach builds a great deal of trust and establishes your company as an industry leader. Most importantly, the virtual nature of these events allows you to expand your reach to a worldwide audience as physical attendance isn’t necessary.

How To Successfully Plan A Virtual Event

When planning your first virtual event, it’s crucial to select the right platform and to also employ the use of the correct technology. Though the event is hosted online, similar principles apply as that of traditional in-person events. Below is a quick breakdown of guidelines to use when planning any virtual event for success!

1. Gain An Understanding Of Your Audience

Content is crucial when it comes to capturing the attention of your attendees. Keep in mind that your audience is showing up to your virtual event because they wish to feel entertained as well as educated. Instead of selecting a broad or vague topic, hone in on a specific area of interest.

Here’s an example: if your brand deals with dogs, host an event that’s related to your expertise of one particular breed. Then, use your knowledge to share information and little-known facts about the dogs. This helps engage your audience and keep them interested.

2. Select Experienced Speakers

If you’re going to have speakers at your virtual event, make sure they’re well-versed and familiar with the topic they’re going to discuss. All of your speakers should have a great deal of credibility and knowledge within the industry and the chosen topic.

When making your selection of public speakers, make sure they have the necessary skills to pull off a virtual event. Not all public speakers can host an event virtually, and oftentimes, this inability will show with a lack of audience engagement. Lastly, do your research and look at past footage of the speaker at previous events. Are they comfortable with a large audience? Do they have good public speaking skills? Are they authoritative on the subject matter?

3. Work With A Team

When it comes to planning and designing the perfect virtual event, it’s recommended that you work together with a team. There are so many parts to making any event a success that without the necessary help, it may seem like a daunting task. In fact, do your own research by attending virtual events and making note of what’s worked for others. By having these notes to look back on, you can make your own planning seamless. After the event, consider asking the host questions about how they organized their event and if they have any advice to share.

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