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6 awesome benefits of small group tours

There’s no doubting it – taking a tour of West Australia’s natural beauty is one of the best ways to experience our unique habitat. With many different tours on offer, it’s sometimes hard to pick which one is best for the activity.

Today, we’ll be looking at why small group tours are the best way to experience our State’s natural wonders.

But for those fence-sitters worried about social awkward conversations – or worse – awkward silences – we’re here to put your worst fears to bed.

Here are 6 great benefits of small group tours.

  1. Unparalleled access to the destination or experience

This is a question of simple mathematics. More people = less time for you to access or enjoy the experience on hand. Fewer people = more access. But fewer people also mean you get the chance to experience your activity with more focus, and don’t forget the photo ops!

There’s nothing worse than snapping a pic of some of the most beautiful natural wonders to find out days later that some inconsiderate companion has spoiled the shot by walking or swimming into the frame.

Smaller group tours offer you unparalleled access to the experience or chosen activity. These experiences are usually quite special, so that’s worth every cent.

  1. Quit waiting around for others 

Have you ever been on a tour that started on time? If you’re saying yes you’re probably talking about a private tour where it was just you and your friend who got up extra early to make the crack of dawn.

But let’s take a moment to remember all those lost minutes – potentially hours – of waiting you’ve done when parts of the group straggle behind, or simply are late to the start line.

With a small group of companions – you can be sure things will get moving pretty quick and you’ll get the most time doing what you came for.

  1. Explore the places less travelled

With small group tours, it’s a lot easier to explore the road less travelled. While the hordes of tourists are exploring the standard spots, small group tours allow you to weave into spots a little bit more unique, giving you an experience unlike any other. There’s a certain magic to visiting the untouched spots, the spots that don’t see massive group traipsing through day after day. Small tours give you that versatility and unique look into wherever you are visiting.

Plus, think of the photo opportunities. Your ‘gram will look a little different to the standard tourist photos in that destination!

  1. Get more quality time with the guides 

Let’s parallel this context with Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing. Enhance your Kilimanjaro adventure with a small group for an enriched experience. Opt for a Kilimanjaro Group Tour where smaller numbers mean more quality time with knowledgeable local guides. Dive deep into discussions about the environment, gaining insights beyond a larger group’s scope. The guides, true local legends, share tales and stories, adding a personalized touch to your adventure.

The tour guides are the local legends that make it their job to educate others about your surroundings on tour. It’s their knowledge and dedication that makes our holidays and adventures enriched and memorable.

Smaller tours allow you to get closer to their wisdom and even strike up an interesting conversation about issues affecting the natural environment.

This can deepen your understanding and boost your experience beyond what would be possible in a larger tour group situation.

And it doesn’t have to be all about education either – your local guides are the number one people to go to for local legends and tales, and any crazy stories from the area you may not have been privy to if you’d been on a bigger tour, with less access to your guide.

  1. Get to know your group better

Travelling around Western Australia can be a crazy and often exciting experience for anyone whether it’s with friends, family or solo. With so many wide-open spaces and towns hundreds – sometimes thousands – of kilometres apart, it’s always a welcome sign when a small group gets together to share an experience.

Smaller group tours give you the chance to get to know those around you and you never know, you may even end up sharing a beverage later that night. The smaller the group the easier it is to strike up a conversation and the more interesting it is when you find things in common with them. You might leave with friends for life!

  1. Get to do things you normally wouldn’t on your own

Travelling solo? It’s a fantastic experience that everyone should do once in their lives. There’s a freedom that’s so unique to solo travel that you’ll rarely get to encounter anywhere else.

But travelling solo can also be interesting as you battle with motivation to get out and try new experiences. Joining a smaller tour group for a once in a lifetime experience – like whale shark diving – is a great way to motivate yourself into doing something you wouldn’t normally do on your own.

What are you waiting for?

The only thing left to do is book that small group tour you’ve been thinking about. If you’re suddenly inspired by whale shark tours Exmouth, then why not follow the dream? Book a local tour today and experience all the benefits a small tour has to offer.

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