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Thursday, February 22, 2024
Home Home Improvement Gutter Cleaning: Mistakes to Avoid

Gutter Cleaning: Mistakes to Avoid

The presence of gutter systems in the house, commercial premise or industrial units has a significant impact. It allows rainwater to escape from roofs. Since gutters have a hollow design and are attached to the roof edge, they direct the water flow to run down the building.

Having a clean and efficient gutter system prevents water storage on roofs, flowing inside the house or breaking the ceiling. Besides, the gutters also help with keeping the bricks, stones, and paint of a building free from unwanted moisture. But do you also take care of the gutters in the same way?

An effective gutter cleaning is important to maintain its functionality. Alongside this, it is also important to be familiar with the common cleaning mistakes to avoid major issues later. In this blog, we’ll delve into gutter cleaning mistakes and tips to do efficient house cleaning in Melbourne.

Common Gutter Cleaning Mistakes

Here are common mistakes that are often overlooked by Melbourne’s residents while clearing out the gutter systems.

# Mistake No.1: Cleaning Gutters Once in a Year

Do you also schedule gutter cleaning just once a year? That is definitely not a problem otherwise, but Melbourne’s humid and unexpected rains demand extra care. Plan a time ahead for gutter cleaning.

We recommend that you clear out the leaves, debris, and plantings off your gutter system twice a year. Or even quarterly if you live in extremely rainy areas with the wild presence of trees.

# Mistake No. 2: Not Considering the Season

Maintaining your roof’s gutter systems during the right season can make a lot of difference in reducing water blockage problems. Suppose, while clearing gutters during winter, you may find ice over these gutters that can be difficult to remove. Or, even in summer, the hard leaves and debris may require aggressive cleaning methods.

That said, it is important to consider the season that suits the gutter cleaning process and avoid other potential risks. We recommend you regularly check and get rid of excess leaves during early autumn when 60% of leaves have already fallen. Alternatively, the spring season is also quite favourable for getting rid of leaves, dirt, debris, and moulds.

# Mistake No. 3: Not Using Gutter Guards

You may question why you use gutter guards for your gutters? While it is right to believe that gutters, once cleaned, can always work, they still require extra protection. While gutters are designed to carry out the rainwater, it is still unable to flow down leaves and dirt. For this reason, gutter guards collect all the leaves, debris, moulds, and nests.

Further, it protects the gutters from being clogged and damaged internally. And the best thing is you can always take these wastes out more conveniently through the gutter guards.

# Mistake No. 4: DIY cleaning methods

A gutter cleaning may require immediate attention in emergencies of water overflows or water dripping issues. But do you rely on easy do-it-yourself cleaning tasks for your gutters? If that is a yes, you must immediately stop it. While using DIY techniques may appear to be a cost-saving alternative, it is only a one-time solution.

Clearing debris out of a gutter requires extensive cleaning, including using the right tools and methods. That is why a professional service is better as they have skills to handle different gutter types, know what products to use and can guarantee the long shelf life of gutters.

# Mistake No. 5: Unavailability during the Service

We know you are at the peak of your career and cannot avoid your priorities. That is why you have thought of having a professional in the first place. But if you leave these tasks entirely to a professional without your involvement, then it may be time to rethink.

A professional will help you maintain your gutters and gutter guards. And they may require your help, especially during the initial site assessment. Your availability will help them know about the surroundings and protect the fixtures outside while they perform the gutter cleaning.

Tips for House Cleaning in Melbourne

Here are some additional tips to have a safe and clean house outside of cleaning the gutters.

  • Schedule an external inspection of your house, commercial enterprise, or industrial unit to look for damaging signs.
  • Consider getting help for professional house cleaning in Melbourne, depending on your area of location, and schedule an appointment.
  • Ask about their local expertise, cleaning products, and cleaning methods and estimate well in advance to enjoy a smooth experience.


Remember that gutter cleaning may look like an easy DIY task, but it demands capable hands. A professional cleaning service will know your needs, have experience in cleaning different gutter types, and gather safe cleaning supplies. They work well in harmony to avoid later regrets and extend the life of your gutters.

In a nutshell, it is best that you avoid the above common mistakes in order to protect your residential, commercial or industrial space. A little prevention today ensures a world of comfort for tomorrow. So, let’s only welcome a spotless space and call a professional house cleaning in Melbourne.

Started Looking for One? Call Exterior Clean Melbourne!

Exterior Clean Melbourne is a solution to every house cleaning problem. We have immense talent available who can advise, prevent, and extend the cleaning help, from gutters and roofs to concrete and solar panel cleaning.

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