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Friday, February 23, 2024
Home Home-improvement Things You Should Never Pressure Wash

Things You Should Never Pressure Wash

Yearly house washing is a priority in the changing climates of Canterbury, be it a one-storey building or a multi-storey residence. Every other house demands an efficient exterior cleaning procedure to make it look tidy and inviting. Besides that, clean walls, siding, driveways, and patios enhance visibility and preserve the foundation of a house.

However, you need to be extra careful when pressure washing in Canterbury. Certain materials, fixtures, or areas outside your house scream delicate attention and may not require pressure washing.

In this blog, we will understand that you should never pressure wash while doing the house washing. Also, we’ll dive straight into the solutions to know if professional pressure washing is a viable option.

7 Things To Avoid When Doing House Washing

Here are some objects that do not require powerful pressure washing. Instead, a soft and gentle pressure washing is convenient for the objects below. Here are some everyday things to consider avoiding when pressure washing in Canterbury.

1.   Windows

We know that windows are the first thing your visitors will notice, and you only want to transform them neatly. But no matter the case, windows have delicate glass and metal nets. When you pressure wash your windows, the high water pressure can break down the glass and cause you to lose the net.

That is why the only solution here is to clean windows by hand whenever you want to do house washing. It is safe to utilise organic cleaning agents to avoid additional costs.

2.   Wood or Vinyl Floors

While pressure washing is beneficial to remove aggressive stains on the floors, it does not go well with wood or vinyl flooring. More so because the high pressure of the pressure washer damages the wood paint, chips out the wood and can enter beneath the flooring.

Similarly, protecting vinyl floors and siding is advisable when washing the whole house. Sidings have minimum gaps in between to allow water to seep in, turning them wet in no time.

3.   Roof Cleaning

Your house roofs have asphalt shingles built using fine granular stones and sands. Pressure washing roofs switch asphalt shingles can disturb the asphalt structure. Eventually, water at high pressure can break or remove them.

More likely, water entering into concrete roofs can also be dangerous as it attracts moisture and causes roof leaks in severe cases. In either case, it is best to enquire about a professional house cleaning service for your roofs.

4.   Gutters

A well-maintained gutter is a must to remove fallen leaves, dirt, grease, and stagnated water. However, high-pressure washing is something that you should avoid to protect the structure of the gutter and the gutter guard.

High water streams can typically mess up the internal waste, causing it to blow out and cause significant damage. In addition, it can also break down the gutter and cost you a lot of money.

5.   Electric Systems

Most of the electrical panels located outside of the house can withstand extreme temperatures. However, it is safe to avoid washing areas of electrical circuits and boards while washing the house. As water comes into contact with electrical panels, it can disturb the electrical system and damage them permanently.

6.   Older Houses

You should be very careful if you live in an older house built from brick and mortar walls. Mainly because pressure washing the wall surfaces made of bricks and concrete may blow up and crack the walls. More so when the house is old and has never been pressure washed.

It is best to call a professional who can handle soft-pressure washing for safe practice. With the gentle method of soft pressure washing settings, you can preserve the very foundation on which your house stands intact.

7.   Vehicles

Whether you are clearing the dirt away from driveways or any other exterior areas, it is safe to park your vehicles outside the house. Vehicles are usually safe for pressure washing, provided you understand the different pressure washing settings and are skilled in car washing.

However if you need more clarification about pressure washing, it is best to contact a professional pressure washing in Canterbury. Failing that could result in significant dents, scrap out car paint or even water entering the vehicle’s engine.


Wielding the power of pressure washing with precision and caution is crucial. Remember, not all surfaces are created equal; some can crumble under pressure. As we bid farewell to our pressure washing journey, let’s pledge to avoid the pitfalls of house washing.

By steering clear of delicate areas and respecting and protecting outdoor elements, you’re preserving your property and nurturing the beauty that makes your home uniquely yours. So, let the pressure do the talking, but let wisdom guide its course. Your home will thank you with a lasting radiance that stands the test of time.

Looking for a Professional House Washing Service? Call ABS Cleaning.

ABS Cleaning is a one-stop solution to all your house washing needs. We understand the value of maintaining the house’s integrity and enhancing the curb appeal. That is why we promise only the best cleaning service per your schedule demands.

Our team at ABS Cleaning is licensed and insured. Our employees are verified to ensure that we comply with all the Australian Safety Protocols. We arrange a personal meet-up for site evaluation, advise you on prior preparation, and provide fair estimates to establish a lasting relationship with us.

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