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Helpful Tips for Soothing Your Teething Child

The time when your child is teething can be difficult for both baby and parents. It’s natural but causes pain and distress to your baby. It’s important to know how you can make your baby a bit comfortable during the teething process. Here are some tips.

Understand Teething

The process of teething usually begins by the age of a half year however it can shift from one child to another. During this cycle the main arrangement of teeth starts to arise which causes agony and uneasiness. As a result, your baby becomes cranky.

What are the typical Signs of Teething?

It may be easier for you to provide your child with the necessary support if you are able to recognize the symptoms of teething. These signs include: expanded slobbering, peevishness, swollen or delicate gums, trouble dozing, loss of appetite and weight reduction.

Soothing Techniques

There are various techniques you can adopt to minimize your child’s teething pain. Some of which are as follows:

  1.     Teething Toys

Teething toys are made to give help to teething infants. Lean toward toys made of safe, non-poisonous and chewy material. The chewing process provides a necessary massage to the gums and the baby gets relief from pain.

  1.     Chilled Teethers

Prefer keeping the teething toys in the fridge as they give relief by numbing the gums. The cold sensation soothes sore gums.

  1.     Gentle Massage

Wash your hands and give gentle massage to your baby’s gums in circular motion. This will also provide necessary relief.

  1.     Cold Washcloth

One of the simplest yet effective ways is using a cold washcloth. Dip the cloth in cold water for some time and then extract extra water. Put it in the refrigerator and after some time give it to the baby to chew. The cloth’s texture and cold temperature helps in soothing.

  1.     Distraction

Try to distract the baby. Sometimes distraction can take their mind off the discomfort they are facing. Distract them with soothing activities. Giving them toys, reading them stories, singing lullabies or taking them out can provide necessary distraction and keep your baby calm in this difficult time.

  1.     Comforting Touch

Your comforting touch can provide needed comfort to your teething baby. Hold your child close, cuddle with them, and offer plenty of hugs that will make them feel safe and loved during this uncomfortable period.

  1.     Seek Help if you see any uncommon sign

Seeking help from a professional is always recommended, if needed. If you feel like the teething process is not normal or the gum condition of your child is bad, then you must visit a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentistry is the one specially for kids as the name itself tells. They will instruct you on how to give legitimate dental care once the teething process is finished.


Getting teeth can be a truly difficult stretch for infants and guardians both, however with the right procedures and backing, you can assist with facilitating your kid’s distress. With tolerance, love, and care, you can help your kid through this significant transformative phase.

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Helpful Tips for Soothing Your Teething Child

The time when your child is teething can be difficult for both baby and parents. It's natural but causes pain and distress to your...

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